Sunday 27 January 2013

I'm only practising ...

... not actually starting a new project,

... just practising a new way of crocheting called Tunisian Crochet. (Look it up on Youtube.)

I was reading Apple Blossom Dreams and liked the look of her Rockman Afghan. I also liked this image of a small blanket.

I just thought I'd like a little go at creating a stripe and found it quite enjoyable. My work has never looked so neat!

I also looked up entrelac which seemed an unusual way of crocheting Tunisian squares.

This video helps get you started. There are more videos in the series.

So I'm not really breaking a New Year Resolution, am I?


  1. I love Tunisian crochet,,,

  2. hello Mum
    Many thanks for your comments on my latest post.
    Neat would be the key word I think with Tunisian does make a very neat weave. I haven't done very much in Tunisian crochet but it is something I think I could grow to like.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  3. Love the little multi-coloured blanket - DD1 is expecting her 1st at end of April so I might have to give it a go.
    I've just re-discovered tunisian crochet and I'm currently working on the Tunisian Crochet Entrelac Throw by Lion Brand. Loving it :) It's in my Rav projects.

  4. IRYPT but still can't crochet!
    Jane x

  5. Ummm that looks interesting ... bit of a different thing for a girl to get her teeth into.

    Vicky x

  6. Gees, you're so good at this stuff! Even your practice efforts look great!

  7. It's fun trying new crafts and the Tunisian crochet looks like fun. I think I need to master basic crochet before I move onto anything else.
    Anne xx

  8. this is lovely, I love the colors,

  9. Hi Mum
    I made a pram blanket last year for my baby nephew in Tunian crochet. It was my first project. I put some masking tape around the end of my hook so that the stitches didn't fall off. I really enjoyed making it but next time I think I will use a bigger hook as it came out tight.

  10. Hmm.. that looks lovely, and interesting. Over to You Tube I go...
    Happy Monday

  11. I'm still just getting to grips with normal crochet, I think I'll have to leave this for now.

  12. I can do the foundation chain but that's about it!

  13. Your strip looks nice. I haven't tried any Tunisian crochet - yet. Still keeping busy with regular crochet ;-) It's always great to have projects and crafts to look forward to making.

  14. Nice job! It's going to be beautiful. Thanks for the link. :-)


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