Friday 30 September 2016


A friend received a gift of yarn from her friend who had inherited a great deal - think rooms full! My knitting friend admitted that she would never, ever use it all and so I was welcome to as much as I wanted. Wow!

I've never seen so much yarn, most of which was for knitting machines. I took my trolley round and loaded it up with colours I liked. Wow, my stash is replenished for the next ...

… hundred years!

I've made a start on the dishcloth cotton and am contemplating socks with the 4 ply or another blanket with multi yarns.

In one of the covering bags was this cutting offering cruises from £49. 

My other wow was from another friend who gave me some of her apples from her tree. Apple crumble has been prepared for the freezer. They won't last us a hundred years but will be an added bonus for this winter.

Vegetables from the garden were the payment and we were all happy with the deal. No money needed to change hands.


Thursday 29 September 2016

Where's my Simply Delightful Blog List gone?

Has anyone else experienced the loss of their list?


Friday 23 September 2016

Hunt the Pic - Day 5

My final selection is today but the others may have more pictures tomorrow and the day after. Just click on some of the links in the comments below.

17. Weakness

Yes, I ate it all!

This tree was weak and was blown over.

Oh no - another weakness - food and pretty plates.

18. Elegance


19. Smell/Aroma

Sunday dinner

Daily bread

Fruits of the season

Aromas for a reason - deliciousness.

20. Happiness


Hope you enjoyed viewing all my pics. To complete these posts here are a few chosen pics that didn't make the headings. Try matching them to any of the headings.


A very BIG THANK YOU to all who have taken part. I've really enjoyed delving into your collection of computer pictures. I think we all agree that this is really a beautiful world and friends and family make it better still - oh, and eating of course!

Thursday 22 September 2016

Hunt the Pic - Day 4

Time for more pics. Also look at the comments below some of which should link to the other bloggers taking part.

13. Sight

DD had a hand working on these sights at the seaside - the windsock and the mirrorball.

14. Beauty

Beauty can be seen everywhere.

15. Arrangement

This first arrangement was seen at a Garden event in Germany.

This second was at home and the arrangement matched the granny squares I was working on (Inspiration?)

This third was a simple arrangement with flowers growing in the garden.

It took me an awful long time to arrange all my different shaped squares for my blue/green blanket.

I managed in the end.

This arrangement of pebbles in a drive was echoed all down the street. Different arrangements were at each house.

16. Grace

Gracefully stretching and ...

gracefully flying.


Wednesday 21 September 2016

Hunt the Pic - Day 3

Third day of the Hunt and other contributors will leave their links in the comments. Please visit their blogs to see their next set of pics.

9. Thought

A good bit of contemplative thought is as good as a rest and more productive.

10. Glance

Just a glance down and what can we find?

Why smiley stones of course! Mind you I think this one's shouting.

11. Spectacle

The sky is always a wonderful spectacle.

12. Inspiration

Inspiration for these blankets came from the wools in my stash.


A very warm welcome to my new follower. Hope you enjoy your visits.

Tuesday 20 September 2016

Hunt the Pic - Day 2

Numbers 5 to 8 today. Don't forget to visit the blogs of the other Hunters. Hopefully you'll find their links in the comments below.

5. Source

 These mange tout came from the mange tout we planted the year before, which came from the mange tout we planted the year before, which came from …. The first sowing must have come from peas in a bought seed packet. I could have put this picture in the Wonder section. Ain't it wonderful growing from seed?

6. Tune

Many tunes are danced to in the ballroom played on the famous Wurlitzer organ. The Blue Danube Waltz is my favourite.

Here's one of the musical instruments in our house. And it is ..?

7. Wink

Oh my goodness, have you ever tried to do a selfie so close to? Wrinkles, elephant skin, spotty face, grotty hair and big nose. Please note that this picture has been doctored so you are not offended - black and white toned the skin down a little, cropping hid the hair and nose and the lines look like crinkle lines of a wink. Phew, that one was hard work!

8. Comfort

Taken a good many years ago when the puss cats were little. They loved curling up in the shredder underneath the office desk.