Saturday 18 November 2017


The guest, craft, dressing, spare room is now virtually complete.

Plenty of storage for craft supplies ...

books and ...


That's another one to tick off the list.


Tuesday 14 November 2017

Now is the time

... to get the Christmas decorations out of the loft. This involves crawling into the loft space and dragging out a million few seven boxes containing decorations accumulated over the years. Tinsel, garlands, baubles, bells, nativities and trees are now awaiting a place in my home. My first task is to sort out as I really think I need a cull.

Oh dear!

The bags in front are destined for the CS and this little lot is destined for an untangle. 

I can see that it will take some time!


Tuesday 7 November 2017

Updating, upcycling, upsetting, upheavel, uppiling, upstairs now, uplifting

* Decorate family room - check

* Decorate kitchen - check

* Decorate dining room - check

* Decorate lounge - check

Decorate back bedroom - nearly check. The painting is done and the carpet fitter has measured the room and taken our order for a new carpet.

The bathroom new washbasin and cupboard are in boxes in the front bedroom, the back bedroom furniture is on the landing, in the front bedroom and in the bathroom.

The new toilet for the under stairs loo is in the hall with the new washbasin and cupboard upstairs in the front bedroom.

Some of the back bedroom is up in the loft room and all my craft stuff is in the loft room and the front bedroom.

The carpet underlay for the front bedroom is in the other loft room.

Still with me?

We can only just walk around the bed. Order will be restored by next year - hopefully!


PS The CS has received quite a few donations these last few months.