Sunday 27 May 2012

In the garden

Weeded early (well fairly early) this morning after a healthy, sorry, hearty bacon butty breakfast. It was cooler and I managed to weed half the veggie garden and a little bit of the front where the flowers are. We have these yellow poppies but the one that caught my eye this morning was ...

this lovely pink poppy. It's huge, probably about 8 inches across.

Another pink flower was this peony.

Both those pinks are in my current blanket.

Did you know - you can get 6 different arrangements from 3 colours?

One last flower I particularly like is this black aquilegia which I think is called Aquilegia vulgaris var. stellata Black Barlow.

The Poppy Flower Fairy is not in my book but here is the poem for the Red Poppy.

We were all of us scarlet, and counted as
When we grew in fields with the corn;
Now, fall from your pepper-pots with the corn;
And lovelier things shall be born!

You shall sleep in the soil, and awaken next
Your buds shall burst open; behold!
Soft-tinted and silken, shall petals appear,
And then into Poppies unfold--

Like daintiest ladies, who dance and are gay,
All frilly and pretty to see!
So I shake out the ripe little seeds, and I say:
"Go, sleep, and awaken like me!"


  1. Aw i love that poem.

    Have such a lovely day mum xxxx

  2. Poppies and peonies are two of my very favorite flowers--both to look at, and to grow. I've never seen one like that black flower, but it looks very interesting.

  3. The Black Aquilegia I must have! I even have a space for it right next to a white one (sorry label faded so dont know its name, but it will have Alba in there.)
    Are the yellow poppies Welsh ones? I am hoping they will have self seeded from last years that I planted.
    No sign yet. I am amazed that some seeds I planted last weekend of salad leaves are already sprouting. Love the garden - and yours.

  4. Your flowers are very beautiful mum, dont you just love this time of year, always something in flower.

  5. The peony is definitely mimicking your crochet, it's the exact same shade of pink. I haven't been able to get out to do any gardening in the heat of the day, it's just far too hot. Morning and evenings for me when it's much cooler.

  6. Mum: I love all your flowers and that poem and picture are delightful.

  7. Awww I just love poppies, afraid my garden is sadly neglected at the moment, keep hoping I will have free time soon. The black aquiligia is stunning, does it come true from seed? I'm sure a few of us would be happy to purchase a little from you in the autumn ...cant say I have seen one quite that black and luscious looking!
    Your garden is a delight, we are so lucky to have a little bit of green space, imagine living in a concrete towerblock ... yes we are lucky.

    Vicky x

  8. Your crochet is just wonderful! So are the poppies pictures. xx


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