Monday 30 April 2012

Nearly there

I've been avoiding 'the blanket', the reason being - the edge and the unfinished bits. There's still one piece to concoct and one piece that doesn't look quite right because it's a solid block of colour. This will involve 'unpicking' - another task which I avoid.

I can never decide where to stop an edge and always keep going round and round until I feel I should stop. Then there is the agonising decision of how to 'finish off'. I don't particularly like fancy edging but wanted to do something I'd not tackled before. Whilst blog browsing I came across a simple picot edge that didn't look too flouncy but I'm afraid I wasted a little bit more time avoiding the blanket again and started something new. Here's the edging. It is taking me just over half an hour to complete each side. Now I've only two sides to go.

And here is the reason for my delay in finishing.

These are Granny Rose Squares. I found the pattern 'here' (via a circuitous route through Tangled Happy blog) whilst researching edging for blankets. Week 5 shows the picot edging I used. There is a link to Apple Blossom Dreams blog which shows  the squares being used to make a picot edged cushion. Once I started on one square I couldn't stop.

I don't know what I'm going to make with them yet. I'm rapidly running out of coloured wool for my Nativity figures - whoops!

PS I've replied to the comments yesterday and hello to my new followers.

Sunday 29 April 2012

One down

... still more to go. One little step at a time, though. As requested the finished dresser. (Spot what I didn't put back!) Here's the top shelf,

the middle shelf,

the bottom shelf

and finally ....

What a pity I didn't 'do' the drawers.

I think I'll leave those for another time!

Note the cat catchers in this drawer. :)

Saturday 28 April 2012

Shiny knobs

It was looking very dusty.

Oh dear.

Could do better.

Take everything off then.

What a lot of junk interesting objects.

Old plates, fir-cones, ducks,

tea sets, grinders, unsealed pots (sorry Sft), candlesticks, platters,

er - boxes of instruments, lemon squeezers, pictures, mugs, luck heather,

seeds, unsealed pot (sorry Sft), paint (!?), wooden cones (something to do with pipes), vases,

old bottles, shoe last, marble eggs, doilies, mortar and pestle,

Uncle Joe's Mintballs and books (You'll have to turn yourself or the computer upside down to look at the titles.) Yep, they all fit on the dresser. I go for the cluttered look. Out with the beeswax and give the wood a good old polish.

The base of the dresser is old but the top was made from new and recycled wood which was then distressed.

Ooh, shiny knobs!

Here's a 'new' part 

and here's an old part.

I even found a bit of Christmas.

Now I've got to put everything back!

PS The fifty pound notes were fake - just paper serviettes.

Friday 27 April 2012


A new baby - a little bit early I know. Unfortunately Baby Jesus was missing his mum so ...

... instead of one figure I crocheted two this month.

Now he's happy!

Welcome also to Amanda, thank you for following. Enjoy your visits and join in the fun if you wish!

Edit - Talking about crochet, Fostermummy needs more squares for our Bloggy Blanket if you have time. See the Bloggy Blanket page for details.

Thursday 26 April 2012

Flower Fairy Spotting

The Celandine Fairy

Before the hawthorn leaves unfold,
Or buttercups put forth their gold,
By every sunny footpath shine
The stars of Lesser Celandine.

Monday 23 April 2012

Which way?

Where? To Witchwood, of course.

Let's walk with a friend down by the railway track, through the bluebell wood.

There were white bells, bluebells and pink bells out today

... lining the pathway through the narrow stretch of woodland/

Which way do we go? The path continually forks but both ways continue onwards

... through the patches of wild garlic.

Which way now?

We finally reached the end of the walk way

... and continued on to the road. This house used to be a stable block at the entrance to a grand house. There are many grand houses in this area.

Here's the spectacular White Church.

And the famous Granny's Bay. Here's another perspective.

Onto the promenade now

... and a look back at the other side showing the large houses. Many have been knocked down and replaced by other houses or flats.

Sorry about the blurred pic.
The benches were looking at us as we passed.

Sea Campion was the flower of choice on the sand dunes.

Across the estuary we could see Southport.

Looking the other way were the old walls of the grand houses.

Let's take a closer look. The wall is studded with pebbles from the seashore.

Here's a summer house built into the wall.

Refreshment was taken at Booths in Lytham where an art display lined these walls.

This butterfly was made from an old book. Isn't that clever?

Back to the car through the residential streets.

Our circular walk was completed when we arrived back at Witch Wood.