Wednesday 17 April 2013

Thirty Ways to Save a Pound

I thought I'd join in with the Money Supermarket Challenge to Bloggers so here are my 30 ways to save £1.

1. Mend or fix broken items to prolong their life.
2. Buy second hand from Charity Shops.
3. Swap unwanted items with friends.
4. Re-use plastic bags for storing produce, as bin liners, dog poo bags etc
5. Sell unwanted items on online selling sites.
6. Make use of the library rather than buying books or newspapers.
7. Make floor cloths out of old towels.
8. Save wrapping paper to use again.
9. Make cards and gift tags from recycled items.
10. Only shop with a list.
11. Don't take any money when you go out for a walk.
12. Take your own food when going on a day out rather than buying in cafes.
13. Don't throw away left-overs but use again in the next meal e.g. make soup or pies or sandwiches.
14. Make sure all containers are empty before you throw them away - e.g. toothpaste tubes, jars of jam, ketchup etc.
15. Use less washing up liquid and washing powder.
16. Turn your garden, or part of it, into an edible garden and grow your favourite vegetables or fruit.
17. Save plastic containers and use for storage.
18. Turn off lights and appliances when not in use.
19. Make your own compost from kitchen scraps and garden waste.
20. Cook from scratch rather than buy ready made meals.
21. Make your own 'special meal' rather than go to a restaurant.
22. Cut up your credit cards and just use cash.
23. Take a shower rather than a bath - to save water.
24. Drink water rather than bought sugary drinks.
25. Walk shorter distances rather than take the car.
26. Make your own bread.
27. Make your own cakes and pastries.
28. Know what you have in your freezer and cupboards and keep a look out for special offers so you can bulk buy items when they are on offer.
29. If an offer sound too good to be true it is so don't be tempted to buy.
30. Have some 'no-spend' days and don't be tempted to part with any money. Slowly increase your number of days if you can.

Here's an extra one:-
When tempted to buy something ask yourself, "Do I really need this?" (Generally I don't. I probably have too many of them anyway!)

"Where am I going to put it?" (I'm trying to de-clutter so I've not got any more room!)

"If I came back tomorrow would I still be tempted?" (I usually forget what tempted me in the first place!)



  1. Great list, I do almost all of these anyway and I would agree with almost evry one, except for 22, I find it very useful to shop online, where you can sometimes find things much cheaper than in local shops, so you really need a credit card, or failing that a debit card. My son's car needed a new battery, Halfords (10 mile drive) £87.00, purchased online, free delivery £35.00!!

  2. This is a fabulaous list by far the best I have read..I am going to take someonboard,some I already follow.Well done.

  3. Yes it is a brilliant list Mum!

    I love that so many people are writing them. So many great ideas being passed on.

    Sft x

  4. And throw your spare change into a tin! We don't have a lot of luck with veggie gardens so I'll substitute my spare change idea there....

  5. Great tips. I have a credit card but it gets paid off each month so it doesn't cost me anything, not even interest, yet I get cashback on purchases, so I'm quids in there. That's only a good tip if you're sensible and only use it for things you would be paying for anyway, such as petrol, though.


Thank you for your comments. it's always exciting reading them.