Sunday 6 January 2013

Thank you

Oh thank you so much for your birthday wishes. You made my day. Also in my day was a German breakfast. This is what you do!

Warm up the German Sausage (which was a birthday present) in water. Serve German Sausage (weisswurst) on a plate with a sweet mustard and toast.

Take the skin off the German Sausage then eat.


Actually it was very nice. During this typical Bavarian breakfast I introduced my favourite British breakfast of Marmite (love or hate?) on toast. Yeah, yeah, I love it. 

Oh dear!

Not so my German friend! :(

More birthday treats to come in next post.


PS We ate the sausage in the non-Bavarian way!

PPS Whoops, we ate the Weisswurst with a knife and fork.

PPS No Weissbier was consumed at breakfast. Too early for me!


  1. Sorry Mum, I'm in the HATE MARMITE Club!!

    But I'm so pleased you like it, at least someone's buying the stuff!

    So glad you had a great birthday!

  2. happy celebrations!!

  3. I love all the Bavarian/Austrian sausages, smoked meats and cheeses.Lots of holidays in the Austrian Alps helped develop a taste for all things of that ilk.I also love marmite, I don't eat bread any more but I like it on cheese instead :)

  4. hi
    weisswurst is my favourite,we eat weisswurst with brezel.(our Heiligabend meal)
    have a wonderful day,
    love regina

  5. Love MARMITE. We have a thing called mealy jimmy in Scotland which is a white sausage, dont think its ever eaten cold tho, unless it goes cold on the plate!

  6. Aussies would have had Vegemite instead of Marmite. Nothing better than hot buttered toast with Vegemite and a big mug of hot milky Milo. The perfect comfort food.
    Anne xx

  7. I don't like Marmite, two lovers two haters in this house.


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