Saturday 30 May 2015

Taking over

Wild flower spotting today while out an about on a derelict area behind a pub. The white clover stood out amongst the yellow vetch.

I don't think there is a yellow vetch flower fairy. At least I can't find one in my book or on the web.

The vetch had grown in every crevice of the flagged area.

Also amongst the undergrowth were these delicate purply flowers which I couldn't identify.

It's sad to see derelict buildings and unkempt areas but on the other hand it's lovely to see nature taking over.


Friday 29 May 2015


Even though the weather is still cold and it hasn't felt like spring yet the flowers seem to think that they should show their faces.

I think this is a Calla lily. There's only one flower on it at the moment.

The iris is just getting started.

There were 3 different colours of aqueligia flowering in the front garden. This one is nearly black.


Lightest. Each flower form is different for the different plants.

I let the poppies have free rein. They are always such a happy plant.


Wednesday 27 May 2015

Item 1, Stash 2

I thought I'd start on the cotton yarn. This green is a very restful colour

so I shall have a calm time tidying up in the kitchen with this dishcloth.

It's 16 trebles wide and I used a size 8 hook. I like my dishcloths holy! Only another 50 or so balls to go. Now what shall I do next?


PS All my tuna fishcakes (yum, yum) have been eaten and the kitchen is ready for another day.

Tuesday 26 May 2015

I am not going to do this ...

… ever again.

What a mess!

Who said tuna potato cakes were a good idea?

I shall now go and clean the kitchen.


Monday 25 May 2015

Stash busted?

I thought my stash was well and truly busted. I did, I really did.

This blanket is getting so heavy that I'm going to have to stop. It does what it is required to do and that is to act as a cover to a settee.

The odds and ends of wool have crocheted up into a mass of rainbow stripes.

All the odd 4 ply, DK, Chunky and goodness knows what has been eaten up in a a stripy bonanza of colour. The stitch is blanket weave, the hook a size 10 and the number of strands varied from 2 (chunky wonky) to 4 (too thin to be of much use on their own).

I thought my stash was well and truly busted. I did, I really did until …


I bought 4 large bags of assorted wool from the CB today. It was only a pound a bag.

And look at all the wool! Now how can I stash bust that lot?

Is there room for another blanket?

Watch this space.



PS You can stop watching the space now. I'm not starting anything yet! Happy Bank Hol.


Friday 22 May 2015

Have a pe ...

… ony.

The peony is at its best this year with heavy, blowsy flowers of a deep magenta. They will eventually become too heavy to hold themselves up and then the only course of action is to cut them off ...

… and bring them into the house.

I shall marvel at their beauty both outdoors an in.


Wednesday 20 May 2015

From my seat

Ahead of me - the sea. It's a bit rough today. The sun is shining but it is cold and blustery.

To my right is North Pier.

To my left is Central Pier.

Behind to my left are shops and the promenade.

Behind to my right are shops and the promenade.

Behind me is the Tower and Tower buildings which house the Circus and the Ballroom where I've just been dancing. 

Exercising is done now (I'm in there somewhere!) and I'm just saying 'Hello' to the sea before I walk home ...

… across the Comedy Carpet.

Great Day today.


Tuesday 19 May 2015

Stretching exercise

This week's chicken casserole yielded enough for 6 meals plus quite a lot of 'gravy' which I turned into soup with leftover cooked veg and a spoonful of Bovril. We'll probably have enough for 4 bowls of soup there. While I was in the kitchen I made some scones and a couple of Granny loaves (the recipes are in the Be-ro cookbook). One of the loaves I'll put in the freezer for another day. The Granny loaf used up the extra milk I had in the fridge. When I look in my old Be-ro recipe book it's surprising how many different recipes there are using flour, fat, eggs, milk and sugar. I also made another 2 loaves today to keep us going for a few days. I leave out the butter now and the bread is just as good.


Saturday 16 May 2015


Fruit watching

Greenhouse sunning

Cucamelon planting

Asparagus eating

Strawberries blossoming

Apples forming

Chives salading

Bluebells smelling

Lily of the Valley promising

Patio weeding

Lettuce chopping

Corn taken a battering

Plant identifying
Must do labeling

Lemon drinking

Now relaxing


Sunday 10 May 2015

The Day - Part Two

The day can be split into -

Eating/ drinking
Walking up and downstairs

Ah yes, I'd just had lunch and had a little sit so now for the leisure and social part of the day.

I can add now

Exercising and Socialising to my list

Because that afternoon I walked to my friends and helped her to sort out a few things. This involved tidying and decluttering, hanging clothes and cleaning. All this entailed much chat and merriment and no stairs! I took her some bluebells from the garden to cheer her up.

A walk back home and a little sit again to read some mags then on to prep for tea which was veggie curry and boiled rice followed by a creme egg (whoops! They did need eating up.) 

One last walk in the garden before a bath and study session (which may have been interspersed with more crocheting).

A little viewing of the big screen before a bedtime read and a zed.

Busy day and done good.


Saturday 9 May 2015

The Day - Part One

The day can be split into 

Eating/ drinking
Walking up and downstairs

Let's start off with Doing


Take supper plates and glasses into the kitchen, fold blankets and straighten cushions. Anything for upstairs is put at the bottom of the stairs to take up.


The cat is fed and watered. Our breakfast is next which is usually toast. Only one slice for me with Marmite (love it or hate it). Breakfast tray taken - 


Breakfast in bed of course with a cup of tea.

Getting up is a leisurely process which, as well as ablutions, involves cleaning sinks and/or toilets and checking E-Mails etc.


Put breakfast things away and tidy the kitchen of debris, crumbs and last night's supper plates. Time now to take the cat a walk in the garden where I sweep the path  and hoe the weeds which seem to spring up overnight and shoot up very, very quickly after a downpour. The cat tray needs emptying.

Inside to put the kettle on for a coffee (him) and hot water with lemon (me). The coffee is taken - 


… to the office after which I go


… to straighten the cat covers in the back room, sweep the garden room and shake the blanket which is on the sofa. Straighten up the mags and put the newspapers for recycling. Hey there, I've found a little bit of wool on the floor which I can use for my Rainbow blanket. Now to sweep and mop the kitchen floor (note to self: don't have a black kitchen floor next time) and hoover downstairs. Ironing beckons which I always try to get out of the way after a wash is dry. Today it was 3 napkins, 2 large T-shirts (his) and 4 tops (mine) 3 of which were bargain pound rail tops from the CS.

Busy tops for busty lady! Let's camouflage!
The dried washing also entailed folding up a million Tea towels. I'll just put all these specs in one place so DH knows where to find them. They always tend to go walking just when he needs them.


… to put away the ironed clothes and tidy the bedroom. Clothes just seem to appear on the floor. Where to put clothes after being worn is always a problem if they are not ready for the wash basket. Should I fold them and put them on the bed, on the floor, hang them over the wardrobe door or what? I tidy a top drawer as I'm putting away and hanging. Considering I don't wear all that many clothes the drawers and wardrobes tend to get into an awful mess. Dust the dressing table, that's a good girl, where does it all come from?


… to put the kettle on for the next brew.


… to deliver the coffee. Straighten DD's old room briefly and dust the surfaces. (Note to self: redo the shelves).


…  to sit in the garden room and drink my lemon and decide on what's for lunch.

Lunch is beans on toast (one slice) with Worcester Sauce sprinkled over. Afters is one banana and 2 satsumas. Listen to Moneybox on the radio.

Walk the cat and inspect the garden again.


… to find my crocheting and 


… to sit in the garden room with the cat for a little bit of hooky wooky and to log my day here.