Wednesday 31 August 2011

My experiment didn't work, I'm over-run with runner beans and cucumbers. There are 8 cucumbers here and 2 more in the fridge. Yesterday I gave away this many runner beans.

It's a good job the outdoor tomatoes are slow to get going.

This is only the second tomato harvested from outside.

The rest are flowers or still green.

The pussies are helping today.

This may help or hinder the processing of the harvest.

What's for tea? Runner beans again, dear!

Welcome to my new followers - I hope you enjoy popping in.

Tuesday 30 August 2011

Nearly there

This WTHP (work that has progressed) is being put on hold for a bit while I do other things. It has been put into use though. This is the blanket we sat on when we went for a picnic at the sand dunes. The bed is now full of sand!

I decided on a mix of colours for each large square. All the central small squares are red (they have a different coloured centre). The other squares rotate around the red square. The large squares are edged by each colour and I intend to do rainbow colours around the edge - some time!

It's quite heavy as all the wools were double knit.

Monday 29 August 2011

Magical Monday

Why don't we go to the sand dunes and have our lunch there?

Right - o!

Sit, eat, watch the kite surfers, eat egg and tomato sandwiches (reasonably healthy), fruit (healthy) and chips from the chippie (definitely not healthy), feed the seagulls, collect shells and say 'hello' to the sea.

Hello new follower. Enjoy your stay.

Sunday 28 August 2011

What a waste!

It's not really. Eating the garden produces lots of peelings. Along with fruit leftovers and cardboard the colander is full everyday.

We've eaten most of the good stuff.

I love beetroot. Don't turn round when you've been to the loo, though! You'll think you need to go to the doctor's.

Other 'good stuff' from the colander goes on the compost to rot down and begin the growing cycle again when it's spread on the garden.

We've got thousands of little flies in the compost bins this year. It's advisable to keep mouths closed when opening the lid.

Waste not, want not. Lovely food, lovely soil.

Saturday 27 August 2011

It's the Big One

Carrots are doing well. (I know that's a leek in front.) Our carrots are covered to protect them from the dreaded carrot root fly.

Wh - hey!

12 inches and counting!

3 feet long from top to toe!

Ain't growing fun. What a big one!

The Big One

Friday 26 August 2011

I'll tell you what's brewin'

Remember this?

The teapot was from the Charity Shop. (I wonder why the spout is on upside down?)

It's probably why it was taken to the Charity Shop in the first place! The wool was from either the Charity Shop, junk shop or car boot - can't remember, but it was rescued by me. (Aren't I kind?)

Hey presto one kitsch Christmas present in the bag.

I can hear a cup of tea on its way.

One lump or two Mrs. T.? Who's a clever girl then!

PS Hello to Christine Rose and Helen. Enjoy your stay!

Thursday 25 August 2011

Hello and welcome ...

... to my new followers. I hope you enjoy your visits.

Wednesday 24 August 2011

A Pleasant Stroll ...

... around town with my friend. First a visit to the art gallery where we viewed moving pictures of the Illuminations and a photo exhibition.

Moving upstairs we were impressed by a large picture showing a guest house conservatory.

We could just see ourselves there watching the waves splashing onto the promenade.

After a pot of tea for two at Debanebanhams we took a stroll down the pier 

and perched ourselves on a seat to view the sea while we ate our picnic lunch and listened to sixties and seventies music blaring out of the outdoor loudspeakers. We passed on the ice-cream and sauntered down to the Winter Gardens to view the refurbishments. It's not as grand as the early days but they are trying very hard to put back its splendour.

'A pleasant walk, a pleasant talk' 

Tuesday 23 August 2011

To sleep, perchance to dream

Pussycatto last night fast asleep.

Sorry about the dark pic.

Pussycatto this evening fast asleep again.

I wonder what he's dreaming about?

He's well away.

Monday 22 August 2011

Plant, Grow, Eat

The Ildi tomatoes are coming thick and fast.

Shirley tomatoes are doing well.

I'm keeping up with eating the runner beans - no large ones here yet.

This is my summer Christmas tree.

Sunday 21 August 2011

Surprise, surprise

What do you do with all the produce - tomatoes from the greenhouse,

runners, calebrese,


and courgettes - again?

Why - courgette surprise that's what. Bung it all in (except the runners and calebrese) with an onion, a tin of tomatoes, stock cube and herbs and spices. (And a little bit of left over bacon.) Serve with spaghetti and the green veg on the side.

The bread was baked today aswell.

Time to put my feet up before tea with the knitting (I've nearly finished it), homes mags and beer (in second favourite glass).

Hope you all had a good weekend. Enjoy your week.