Thursday 17 January 2013

What I did today

* Went for a walk with former colleagues on the promenade.

* Played silly beggers with the sculptures.

* Called in a cafe for a toasted teacake.

* Continued to 'sort out' the kitchen. I've already tidied the cupboards.

* Today was the turn of the spice rack.
* Made some biccies from a recipe found on a blog I've read (can't remember which).

* Played silly beggers with the spices. (I couldn't make any rude words.)

* Got carried away with cleaning so ...

... I cleaned the extractor - it needed doing! (Can't tell, can you?)

* Swept the floor.

* Made a roast beef meal for tea.
* Crocheted.
* Stroked the cats.
* Read.

PS I've got an awful lot of bottles of cumin and mixed spice - must use them more.
While tidying the cupboards I found enough jars of Marmite to last the rest of the year and I don't need to buy jars of coffee for a long time! - must be serious when writing shopping lists, (or tidy cupboards more often).



  1. It makes you sick dont it, all that work and no-one notices the difference! (Now working hard to make rude words out of stuff in cupboards.)

  2. That sounds like an awful lot of housework in one day!Now crafting and stroking the cat ,they are more my kind of things.

  3. Lovely beach view,,, haven't got enough spice and herb jars to make any words!

  4. The advantage of being Canadian is that our labeling is in English and French, much more scope for spelling rude English and French!
    Jane x

  5. I think I'd have got stuck on stoking your gorgeous cats.

  6. Do you fancy popping round here mum?

  7. My goodness, you went all out today! I don't know what biccles is and I thought tea was for cakes and small sandwiches not roast beef meals - but I will learn. I am new to your blog but am certainly enjoying it.


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