Thursday 31 March 2016

'Tidy one shelf, drawer or cupboard each weekday'

It was the turn of the yarn drawers today. These one's are now tidy - the sets of more than one.

But the drawers upstairs are not! Now do I sort the odd balls into types of yarn, different colours or size of balls?

What a dilemma! I blame the Filofax. Perhaps I should get out a bit more. :)



  1. Tidying a bit at a time like this seems to work well for me, I get overwhelmed if I look at it as one huge job. I did my yarn stash recently, I put all the Stylecraft together because I have quite a lot of that but then the rest has just been sorted in to full balls and part balls.

  2. I would put all the same wool's together regardless of colour, then you can see how much you have of one type. But then who am I, I don't knit much.

  3. I store mine in Ikea boxes according to their yarn weight. Although I did have a big clear out last year and gave some yarn to charity. I felt quite virtuous after that ! xx


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