Wednesday 9 January 2013

Come on!

Take - one cat, one rolled up newspaper (or similar) and one willing volunteer. Wave the rolled up newspaper round and round.

'Come on jump!'

Keep waving the newspaper round and round and say, 'Come on jump!'

Don't give up when the cat says, 'Nope.'

Persevere and say, 'Come on jump!'



Welcome to my new followers and commenters. Lovely to have you on board.


  1. You are totally daft - thank goodness!

  2. Ha! You got there in the end (or rather the cat did!) xxx

  3. lol. I can just imagine the look of scorn our "oldie" would give me if I tried that!
    Carol xx

  4. Yeah, kitty jumped up high!

    Sft x

  5. Ha ha, that's what I call an action shot.

  6. ha ha ha thats funny ;-) My cat has just weed all over my sons bedroom floor and i have to say its driving me up the wall now. He did it on my £80 rug that i have only had for a few months we have to throw it away. He is 9 now he went to the vets last month as he was being sick but they said he was just being greedy and he was in great health. Right now he is on thin ground with me. Sorry to say all that but it just happened like 5 mins ago. Any advice to get him to stop would be greatly appreciated. dee xx

    1. Our neutered tom took to peeing a while back and has to be watched. If your puss is a tom he will go back to pee in the same place. There are certain areas in the house where we do not let the cat go alone. Every morning he is taken out for his morning wee even though we have a cat tray. When you look up on line the theory is that they are stressed. Maybe there is another cat in his territory. If you clear up the pee make sure you throw the rag away as you can spread his scent and cause him to wee in other places. No magic way of getting him to stop though other than being vigilant.

  7. How fun.... kitties do have a mind of their own, don't they?! Nice blog, by the way. I especially like all of you crocheting ideas.


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