Friday, 4 January 2013

Communal Resolutions

I'm joining in with the resolutions of other bloggers this year (and including some of my own).
Along with Frugal Queen I shall endeavour to 'fix' things that need fixing.
With Jo from Through the Keyhole I shall endeavour to read at least 1 book a month. I also like the idea of fresh flowers in the house and I'd like to pick from my garden like Lucy at Attic 24.
I shall try not to start any new projects (from now) until current ones have been completed. (It's a good job I've already started doing these bells for next Christmas,

 oh and these snowmen,

... not finished yet, of course
 oh and these Christmas ornaments!!!

 The idea came from a magazine and I made up a similar pattern. I think I'll make some smaller ones.)

The bells are very easy and quick to make and the pattern is here. I added a loop at the beginning so the bell can be hung up.

Chain 20 or however long you want the loop and join to the beginning of the chain with a slip stitch.

Chain 3 in a chain space.

Work another 5 trebles then flip the loop over to the other side.

Now work the next 6 trebles on the other side of the chain space. Join with a slip stitch to the top of the first ch 3 (treble). Continue with round 2 of the pattern.

I shall be crocheting more bells and snowmen throughout the year and hopefully doing lots of other activities as well.


  1. I'm having a year of "fixing things", mainly my garden, which suffered badly due to the horrible weather last year and me not being bothered to do anything abut it!

    But I'm definitely going to be bothered this year and I've already made a little start.

    Oh, and I'm definitely going to learn to crochet this year too!

  2. I've been resolved to not only fixing things, but doing preventive maintenance too!

  3. It's a great idea to get a head start with decorations for next Christmas. Thank you for the link to my blog. I've just posted about this year's challenges on my blog, but I'm still going to keep up with the reading. The challenge of reading one book each month last year really got me back in to it and I'm really enjoying it.

  4. Aah, you're so organised! The bells are cute, they'd look nice in a metallic kind of yarn.
    Happy New Year!

    New Year's Resolutions of the Stars!

  5. Hi Mum, I am hoping to improve my crochet work this year, am doing a baby blanket at the moment but I do have several other WIP's too. I just get bored easily!

  6. I too wnt to read a book a month. And also do something for my body every day ..... swimming, walk etc

  7. I have bought Christmas Baubles in the sales. Christmas 2013 will see a mighty fine tree here in the Nesbitt household. I am making Christmas cards this monthg too. Was ill approaching Christmas and bought the cards - never done so before and my heart was simply not in it. Happy New Year and belated Happy Birthday.


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