Saturday 2 February 2013

I've been busy ...

sorting, tidying, cleaning - 

paintwork cleaned, windows cleaned, floor hoovered or swept and mopped, cupboards and drawers tidied and sorted. De-cluttering has happened with items dispatched to the CS, Ebay, compost bin or dustbin. Ooh, I have been busy in the lounge, dining room, back room and bedroom. I kept time for hobbies and walking of course. It's been cold and windy but sunny. Here's the sea a few days ago.

The seagulls were hovering in the wind.

I've got a dilemma now that I've started on the drawers in the dresser. There's an awful lot of scrappy bits of paper in there,

scribbled and cut out recipes that I've used and just kept together in a heap pile in the drawer. 

Perhaps I should write out the recipes in my new to me notebook with blank pages (just waiting to be used). 

Let's see what we've got. A-ha! This one for Rabbit Biscuits was written by DS when he was little.

And this one is possibly DD's.

This one, with illustrations, definitely is.

This one for Green Tomato Chutney came from a good friend. It's been well used.

As did this one for Mincemeat without suet. It's seen quite a few Christmases.

This one for Sweet and Sour Sauce is jotted down on an envelope. I wonder where that recipe came from?

And what's this I've found? I wonder who did this drawing.

So many memories just sifting through them. Should I just put them back in the drawer or copy them into my book then dispose of them on the compost?

I'll leave you with this recipe from the Ladies' Evening Circle Favourite Recipes booklet from the 1982 Yuletide Fayre!



  1. No don't write out the recipes in your hand the character will be gone, store/stick them in an album or laminate them so they can still be used, especially the well used recipes. Each piece of paper has a memory!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Mum
    You have been busy.
    I would stick the childrens papers in the book and copy out the others.

  3. I agree with Julie - I have a notebook in which I stick treasured recipes. Those handwritten by loved ones are so precious!

    That last one is great!1

  4. Love the recipe for happiness! I agree with Julie,, laminate them.

  5. I agree with KC . You cant bin them!

  6. I too have lots of recipes written on pieces of paper and everytime I use them it brings back memories of who gave them to me or where I got them from so please don't throw them away they are too precious:)
    Sue R

  7. I got bought a recipe book for Christmas so that I can write out my favourite recipes and keep them in one place, but I wouldn't dispose of the treasures you have there. Perhaps write them out, but definitely keep the originals, they're too precious to bin.

  8. I would just get a scrap book so that you dont have to get rid of the originals!

  9. I also have a notebook where I stick my recipes. From experience I would recommend covering it with sticky back plastic!

  10. Have been doing a lot of IRYPT - but today I have stayed long enough to say that it looks like everyone else is telling you the same as me - fasten them to the pages in the book somehow so they are there for you to see and admire.
    If they are only attached at the top you could possibly add your thoughts and memories on the written page underneath.
    Take care

  11. I am so taken with the art nouveau lights and seagulls!
    Jane x


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