Saturday 12 September 2020


I have eaten my way through a strawberry patch, 50 bunches of grapes, a row of mangetout, 2 courgette plants, spring onions, cucumbers and French beans. I have yet to finish the tomatoes both inside the greenhouse and out, 

the runner beans (I've kept up with eating them beautifully.),

the apples (only eaten one - not ready!), the plums (just found them - all 8 of them!),

the kohl rabi (one left) and the pepper (only the one!)

Most of the greenhouse tomatoes have been cut back or pulled out as the tomatoes were eaten and the string saved for next year. I 'get knotted' each year in order to save the planet a little.

Only a little of the garden left to cut back for the winter. Well fed and job well done.


PS Thank you DD for helping out with the eating of the tomatoes and cucumbers - couldn't have done it without you.


Thursday 3 September 2020


1. I shall sort out the edges by leaving a note in my diary which will say:-


Solved. Tick.

2. It came to me in the middle the night - it's the hanger that was at the top of some canvas hanging drawers that I had hanging in the wardrobe. When I got rid of the canvas I kept the hanger in case it would come in useful in the future.


Solved. Tick.

I rest easy. 


PS Where have my labels gone in this new Blogger? They are not at the side, nor are they listed. Do I have to type them in again? Oh no, another mystery.


Wednesday 2 September 2020


 1. Every week I hoover the hall and stairs and every week I say that next week I'll do the edges (with the 'get in the corners' 'attachment). Next week never comes!

2. I found this hanger in my wardrobe. Don't know where it came from or how it came to be there. Must have picked it up from somewhere. But what is it for? It looks like a giant safety pin with a hook to hang it up and is the length of an ordinary hanger.

Stay safe.