Bloggy Friends' Bloggy Blankets - Ended

Follow the Bloggy Blanket label to see how our Bloggy Blankets came into the world and check back here to view their progress around the Blogosphere.

If you wish to join in, and you are very welcome, all original granny squares are done in 5 rounds with double knitting yarn and a size 4mm crochet hook and turn out as 12cm x 12 cm squares. Fancy squares and knitted squares can be included as long as they have the same dimensions. Square or squares are to be sent to Foster mummy at My Beautiful Life, who will sew them all together and send them to deserving homes. (Please contact her via email at Contributers are asked to 'touch base' here with a comment and a link to their blog so that we can see their creations and track the making of the lap blankets.

So, here are my contributions to the first Bloggy Blanket.

Stay tuned for more squares to add to the bloggy blankets from crocheteers (Is that a word?) around the globe. Ain't technology wonderful!

Thank you to Hester for these lovely squares.

Arwedd has been having a great time with Fostermummy. Check out her post here. Her first ever grannies!

These are now on their way.

July 2012 - Our first blanket now has 36 squares but more are still needed. If you are willing to contribute some squares please put a pic on your blog so that I can copy it and showcase generous granny givers' grannies on this page.

July 2012 - More squares from me to add to the blanket.

July 2012 - Mummy Hen has helped by crocheting these squares. Thank you ever so. I love the bottom left square.

August 2012 Mummy Hen done good again!

August 2012 - MummyHen sent her squares to Fostermummy who made this beautiful blanket. I'm just waiting to find out where it will end up. So exciting!

September 2012 - I've just heard that Alison B43 (sorry no blog that I can find) has sent some squares off to Foster Mummy but she forgot to photograph them. FM if you know which they are could you post a picture or send a picture to me so that I can put it here. Thank you Alison. Good luck with your baby blanket.

October 2012 - FM sent this message - Hi Mum, first lap blanket gratefully received at the elderly folks home I pass on my way to the charity shops. I have four squares so far for the next one, and am holding a crochet workshop at the local church cafe next Monday. Please keep squares coming. xx, by foster mummy

If you have any spare granny squares please send them to foster mummy so she can sew together more blankets for others in need.

March 2013 - Alison sent me an email and here is part of her message.

Anyway, I shall make up a few squares and sent them to Foster Mummy, but will remember to email a photo to you too, as I do not have a blog of my own.  I am so glad that these projects are still active, I do love to take part in this type of thing.  I don't know if you knit too, but I also make some 'smoothie hats' for the innocent drinks big knit each year.  These hats only take tiny amounts of double knit yarn so if you know of anyone who has tiny oddments left I am happy to receive these (I will also mention this to FM as she posted a request for wool recently),

I'm not sure whether Innocents are doing a Big Knit this year. Here is some information from 2012 which also leads to a pattern for the hats.
 Thank you, Alison.

April 2013 - Alison has sent me this pic of more squares for Bloggy Blankets. 

You are a star.

I've just read, over on FM's blog that another kind blogger is going to contribute to the Friends' Bloggy Blanket. Thanks to Frantic and her antics.


  1. Hi Mum, Following a very successful day today with Fostermummy, my first ever two Granny Squares are crocheted and I am on my way to a 3rd. They are not as fancy and beautiful as yours, but hopefully they can be added to the blanket. Let me know what you think.

    Arwedd x

  2. I've just received the parcel from Mummy Hen, and will join them in a new way I've learned this week and send you pics x x x x FM

  3. What a lovely lot of crocheted squares :-)


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