Saturday 30 June 2012

Just made it!

And only just. Crochet last night and this morning. Meet Joseph.

He joins Mary and Jesus in my monthly Nativity make. Click on the label Nativity to see more.

Sh!!!! He's sleeping - don't wake him up.

He made it a little early this year.

Thursday 28 June 2012

Tripping the light fantastic

I did, I did but before I went I called in at Grundy Art Gallery and saw the light!

These lamp shades were made by John Ditchfield  - a local Master Glassblower - especially for the Art Gallery.

I certainly 'perspired' today!

Wednesday 27 June 2012

Brighten up a dull day

I saw a bright shade of red in the garden. Brilliant a ripe strawberry. Oops - nibbled at.

Oh dear - eaten. Still there's one behind that isn't. I shall look forward to eating that one.

I thought I'd attack some plants myself and did a bit of beheading - just to brighten up a dull day.

The sun is starting to peep through now.

Tuesday 26 June 2012

Is this the end?

It's definitely the end of this boat.

End of my legs?

Someone's thinking of Annie. What a wonderful way to remember her.

Just a log but sit on it and admire the view across the river and out to sea. Fleetwood is over the other side.

Behind are cottages looking out to sea ...

with pretty seaside gardens.

The slipway leads down to the ferry which travels to Fleetwood. It was very muddy and desolate today.

Where were we for our 'jolly' today? - Knott End. A little bit of its history was on this sign ...

and this sign.

Of course, if you travel to Knott End you have to visit this cafe because it's at the end of Knott End.

Here ends my tale but it's not really the end as I'm visiting again next week with another friend who's taking me on a longer walk.

Monday 25 June 2012

Up and over

The plant on the kitchen window sill just keeps growing and growing. It is a Philodendron scandens.

I didn't realise how far. Up over the top shelf ...

... around the corner and across the other shelf.

All the way along snaking its way to the other end of the shelf.

Here's a tour of the shelves. You can see the plant in most of the pictures.

On the top shelf is a flask, asparagus pan, vintage lemon squeezer and vase containing teasels.

The middle shelf holds a teapot, cafetiere, veg slicer, large teapot and spare kettle.

The lower shelf is home to the tea, coffee, sugar, teapot and rice.

Moving on to the high shelf there is a Habitat fondue set - a wedding present from the 70s, a vintage coffee pot, a vintage tea set ...

Here it is in close up with a hot water pot, milk and sugar and tea pot.

Next is an old bowl and my collection of milk jugs.

The old bowl came from a car boot sale.

Hmm, these shelves are slightly dusty but I've got a good excuse not to clean them, haven't I?

I can't disturb an established plant, now can I?

Sunday 24 June 2012

Tea Party ...

... in the Art Deco Cafe last week. Beautiful surroundings.

Delicious sandwiches and cakes.

Foot tapping music.

Keen dancers.

Turns - Irish Dancing here.

Line dancing here.

Views from the door of the Cafe.

I was dancing on and off for 3 hours - a sweaty time was had by all.

Saturday 23 June 2012

Zig zag blanket extra

To see the history of this blanket please click on the granny zig zag label. The blanket is about 5' x 3' and I've used stash wool mostly from car boots or charity shops. The wools are all different - acrylic, mohair, wool so washing it should be fun.

The pattern is in one of my other posts and was very easy once I'd counted the first chain and done the first row. It was easy stress busting, mind numbing work.

I like the stripes of little white flowers between the colours.

The edge is a single crochet followed by half doubles (US terms).

It's not staying on the couch or chair. At the moment it's just a spare lap blanket. As usual while crocheting ideas come into my head as to what to do next - (there's already 3 WIPs). Angela has just crocheted a granny blanket and is using it for a lap blanket and also as a cushion so that gave me the idea of granny cushion covers to contain the lap blankets.

I may use my granny rose squares, (click on the granny rose label for more information), or I may decide on something else. Who knows? Such excitement!!!

Hello to Michele who has become a follower. I hope you enjoy your visits here. I loved reading about  your Homesteading Cottage.