Sunday 13 January 2013

Number 12

It didn't take very long to dc all the squares together as this is the quickest way to join them. These blankets are given to a lady who knows a doctor who frequently travels to India to help the poorer families. The blankets are destined for the babies' cots.

Talking of blankets Mummyhen still has the 'Bloggy Blanket Chain' blanket ready and waiting to pass on to another knitter or crocheter. This blanket travels round the blogosphere increasing in size as it goes along. Eventually it should reach completion when it can be donated to a worthy cause - retirement home or a deserving person. Please read the Bloggy Blanket Chain page to see its journey so far. It would be a shame if it has reached a standstill. I know that I have gained quite a few more followers (welcome to the latest) and if you would like to participate in this bloggy adventure please get in touch with Mummyhen. The blanket will grow and of course it requires a small amount of money for postage for it to be sent on to the next person.

If you volunteer you only need to do at least one square and it doesn't have to be fancy, so beginner crocheters here's your chance to try out your skills. Please, please, please consider being a part of the blanket and if you do keep us informed so that I can update the page. 

Here's to hoping our blanket will grow again this year.


PS If you've already had the blanket and would like to add to it again please feel free to volunteer for another go.


  1. Another lovely blanket. They must be so pleased to be given these gorgeous gifts.

  2. I will add a few squares to the blanket, Let me know what the next step is. Thanks. x

    1. That's great. Please will you get in touch with Mummyhen - through the link above and organise sending your details via email so she can post the blanket on to you. You are a star.

  3. What sort of joining is required? I am more than happy to do a square but anything other than dc or sewing up joining is a bit beyond me at the mo!

    Would love to join in though. Realy love crochet, especially granny squares as I find them very soothing to do - my stress relief!


Thank you for your comments. it's always exciting reading them.