Thursday 5 October 2017

Haircut time again

It's the last trim of the year for the strawberries and ...

... the grape vine.

I was going to wait until all the leaves had fallen but decided to trim on this sunny day (interspersed with showers).

The new vine is growing nicely and I only trimmed off one side shoot and no other leaves. The main stem can clearly be seen. I've trained the stem onto a wire at the back of the greenhouse which runs parallel with one of the offshoots of the main vine.

All the unwanted growth was removed from the main vine stem.

The side lead was trimmed back so the stem can clearly be seen.

The main lead runs down the centre of the roof and quite a lot of growth has been trimmed away. 

The end of the lead has been cut back.

All neat and tidy now and ready for next year.

The showers came before I finished the strawberry patch. 

The cutting of the Chinese lantern plant from a friend has grown well and the lanterns are a welcome autumnal splash of colour.

They clash with the leaves of the blueberry bush though.

Thank you garden for all your produce this year. I've eaten most of you and now you can recover over the winter ready for new growth next year.