Saturday 21 November 2020

Virtual Christmas Wreath making

It's started. I have succumbed. Made one last year and thought I would make one this year but couldn't see how. Last year I went to a Wreath Making Evening with a group of friends and we really enjoyed ourselves chopping and cutting and arranging but, of course, this year it was out of the question until ... I saw this site. My goodness I could order a wreath kit and then have my evening virtually. 

I ordered the kit and some extra Christmas stuff and logged in to the online workshop. Grubby hands, mucky floor but fabulous end result to hang on my door. (I feel another ditty coming along here.)

After a thorough soak I hung the wreath and ...

stood back to admire.

Yeah, Christmas has now officially started at this house. Next job is extracating the decorations from the loft.

Stay safe.


Friday 6 November 2020

Doing in lockdown

waking upping

tea drinking

toast eating

bathroom ablutioning

clothes putting onning

bedding take offing

bedding washing

dishwasher stacking

 kitchen sweeping

cat tray emptying

trash recyling

water drinking

bread making

veg peeling

bedding spinning

bedding drying 

next lot inning

stew making

lunch preparing

lunch eating

water drinking

dishwasher stacking

washing folding

pastry making

DH garage helping

water drinking

nails breaking

nails cutting

computer playing

water drinking

facemask making



bread baking

evening meal preparing


evening meal eating

make the bed - ing

bath - ing

computering (here I am now)

will be tv -ing

will be reading

will, hopefully be zzzz -ing

Pattern from here. - Dead easy.

Think I've logged everything.

Stay safe.