Thursday 30 July 2009

Just some views of the house and garden.

The onions have just been lifted and now need to dry and mature in the sun. It'll rain tomorrow!

We seem to have grown a lot more onions this year. I had to pull them out early as some were blemished. I hope they keep.

These are muscat dessert grapes. They all ripen at once of course so it's grapes for snacks and grapes in fruit salad and grapes for afters and grapes for ....

There's only me who likes cucumber and each year I always say I'll only plant one cucumber plant but each year I always plant two. These are small cucumbers. It's a good job because I'm getting hundreds of them. Cucumber sandwiches with grapes anyone?

I like beetroot aswell. Straight from the ground, boiled to death then eaten. 

These leeks should last us over winter.

The corn took a while to get going and it's still not looking too good. We'll have to grow the plants in the greenhouse first next year rather than sowing straight into the ground.

The bay tree needs a trim or it will take over the path.

Here's a view from back door to the garden. Walk under the pergola to get there. Lily of the valley is at one side and a clematis on the other.

The large plant that is leaning over is a bishop's hat chilli plant. The cat is a Tonkinese.

Wood is good. The juke box is aswell with all our favourite records to dance to.

These are a few of my favourite things.

I like to change displays to suit the seasons.

Saturday 18 July 2009

Sunday 12 July 2009

Lemon Curd

This looks a simple recipe for lemon curd.