Sunday 26 August 2012

One Man's Trash

It was a really huge bag of unloved pre-loved garments that had been stored in a friend's garage. DD and I had such fun sorting through this ginormous pile.

Take out, put into piles, this for Charity Shop, this for me, this for you, this for a friend, this for Ebay.

Hopefully we can spread more happiness and keep these clothes going a little longer. This small purse reminded me of Vix's bags.

I don't know what these huge socks are for unless they are for underneath waders or for a giant!

This tea cosy is made from felt and it has 6 egg cosies to match. It's a little grubby (I daren't wash it) but if you want it please leave a comment saying so and I'll put names in a hat.

Look at this large pile of hats - we had a good play with these.

This one's a puzzler. I think it's 'hook work' with wool. One side is tufted ...

... and the other looks like this.

I don't know what it's supposed to be. It can't be a tray cloth because nothing would balance on it. It's up for grabs as well. Please leave a comment again indicating you would like it and I'll put names in a hat.

I daren't wash this either!

Here are some Charity Shop and Junk Shop finds.

I must have my 'homes mags' fix and getting them this way is far cheaper than buying new.

I pick them up from various places and they are no more than 20p each.

These cotton napkins/serviettes are cotton and from the CS.

and so is this cheese dome which was only £1.

My favourite JS find was this flan tin, (there is a base), which has improved my quiche making enormously!

These stamps were £3 from the CS. I don't know what I'll use them for but I couldn't let them stay there and be unloved.

self inking stamps

I love the heart cutter and I can use the Homemade stamp on my cards.

This date stamp was also in the pile but it's out of date as it only goes up to 2007!

Welcome to my new followers. I hope you enjoy your visits here.


  1. What fabulous haul! I would have had fun playing with the hats too...the afternoon must have been like playing dress up as a child!
    Jane x
    PS This isn't a giveaway entry!

  2. That tea cosy is fabulous!
    If you are careful, you can cut away the rubber strip with the Years on, leaving a date stamp usable for just day/month.
    I have a heart cutter like that - it is SO useful. I make confetti, cut heart holes round the edge of cards and also use it for pretty holes in gift tags...oh, and a load of hearts in a circle make a flower [check out Martha Stewart for more ideas on that]
    What a wonderful treasure trove!

    blessings x

  3. What a fantastic haul! I did not realise charity shops sold magazines. I have tons of them as one of my guilty secrets is I cannot resist them. My friends hold their hands up and say "No more!" and the doctors surgery dont want them anymore - swine flu? So I shall be off to donate.

  4. What lovely finds.
    The cosies are georgous.
    The flower thingy could maybe a cushion cover?
    Love the cheese dome. Can never find anything like that when i'm in the charity shops.

  5. What fun you must have had, that bag is bursting with colour and possibilities and that purse is adorable! x

  6. Fun having a big pile to sort through! Neat scores!

  7. Wow, you sure hit pay dirt. I love finding mags for cheap too, or else we would be living in our truck. I use to spend over $100 a month on mags back in my crazy days;-) Sad thing is, I am still tempted every time I go into a store that sells them.

    blessings, jill

  8. I've just had an afternoon sorting through a friends unwanted things. Better than Christmas and trading for some dog sitting so win win!


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