Wednesday 29 July 2020

Surreal times

From January up to now - what a year it's been. Never seen the like before in my lifetime,  A new way of living is upon us. 

Home is still the priority and things have happened in the garden.

The back garden is now only half edible - apples,

Kohl rabi,


runner beans, French beans, spring onions, courgettes, beetroot and kale

In the greenhouse with the tomatoes the vine is still producing over 50 bunches of grapes.

The other half is now a double patio with a profusion of flowers along with seating areas.

It is now a garden for rest and entertainment and next year the veggie plot will be grassed over for an area of play and lounging.

New times, new ideas, new directions. Onwards and upwards. Let's enjoy where and when we can,


PS Thank you for sticking with me while I've been absent. It means a lot.