Monday, 7 January 2013

Going up in the world

Up ...

and up ...

to the top.

Great views out to sea and scary views down below.

Thank you DS for my birthday treat.

Can you see our house?

Views to the North,

Whose thumb is that?


South and West.

This was the second warm and sunny day this year.

Should have written 'Happy Birthday' in the sand.

Up again ...

and again.

Time to go with stairs first and a lift that took 69 seconds to descend!

My second trip up to the top. Another 40 years and you can take me up the Tower again.



  1. I've never been up the Blackpool Tower! The views look amazing, especially on such a lovely day!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. OMG! I've been there and done that and I'm totally scared of heights! I was terrified on the way up and as for that glass floor...phew!! but the views are amazing and I did start to settle slightly to enjoy it as much as I could. A belated Happy Birthday anyway! x

  3. The older I get... Once I could stand on the edge of cliffs but they would have had to lead me up the tower with my eyes tight shut. Looks lovely (on the screen!).

  4. OMG you are sooo brave. I will not do that. Yes I'm a scaredy cat. I'm afraid of heights.
    Our daughter did it a few years back with the school.


  5. Yes, I spotted your house, right there. I've been in The Tower, but not up it, you're braver than me.

  6. I want to go up there,, looks fabulous.

  7. Come to Ontario...I will take you up the CN tower...actually,I will watch you go up as it makes me feel ill!
    Jane x

  8. Went up in October- great experience. Saw illuminations too. Can't wait to have another trip.

  9. My husband's from Lancashire and we still haven't been up to the top of Blackpool Tower together. I think my fear of heights has something to do with it!! xx

  10. I went up many years ago. I wouldn't go up there now because I'm terrified of glass floors!

  11. No no no that's all wrong - the glass floor. I'm not very good with heights but the vista looks spectacular. Glad you had a lovely time. Mummyhen xx

  12. What a lovely treat! Thank you for sharing.

    Sft x

  13. I would have so much trouble going up there, let alone standing on a glass floor! Well done you!!!
    Judy xx

  14. Lovely photo's. You are brave, I hate heights.

  15. Lovely photos, all my childhood holidays were spent in Blackpool, you've brought back lots of memories. Thank you!


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