Wednesday 24 July 2013

Going to a wedding and we're ...

... eating up the strawberries.

Not many left now.

... eating up as many courgettes as are on the plants.

... stripping the mange tout* of the seed pods.

And bagging up the last of the petal confetti. The confetti is dried petals from roses in friends' gardens (and the park) and flowers from our garden.

Bags are almost packed (crochet hook and wool included) and passports ready. House and pusscat sitter sorted. See you next week.

*PS Jeanne go here


Tuesday 23 July 2013


Read and enjoyed. I used to have a beach ball similar to the one on the cover. I also had a bucket and spade and little paper flags on wooden sticks to put on my sand castles. I rode on the donkeys and dug channels out to the sea. Not many people could walk on pebbles bare footed but my friend and I could. We also swam in the sea - no supervision, and went for long walks along the beach searching for treasures.

PS - Jeanne, I have replied to your comment in an earlier post.

Saturday 20 July 2013

A for new Adventures

Please excuse the 'gardening' thumb nail. I've just pulled up a row of mange tout that have gone over. I'm saving the seed for next year. 

The lady receiving this card is an ex-colleague. She's going on to the next chapter of her life.

I'm also sure she's now going to 'have a great time'. Her leaving present is a voucher for a garden centre as she loves growing flowers and veg.


Friday 19 July 2013

Summer Lovin'

There's soon to be a wedding so I got cracking with a card.

There's star confetti in the envelope.


Thursday 18 July 2013

Grannies and Mums

 Granny's Bay

Granny's Bay flowers

Granny's Bay flowers' granny!

Mum's sandy feet and Mum's frock

Mum's frock's granny

More Mum's frocks' grannies

Mum's duvet granny

Granny's Bay rocks!


Wednesday 17 July 2013

Bloggy Blanket update - again

The lovely Joy has added to the Bloggy Blanket Chain and sent it on to Peg for her to add her squares. Thank you Joy.

Read all about the Bloggy Blanket journey on the Bloggy Blanket Chain page. Peg will need to send the blanket on again after she has added her square(s) so if you have any spare squares you are willing to add please leave a comment or get in touch directly with Peg.


Tuesday 16 July 2013

Number 18 - all white?

Rather than do another checkered blanket I thought I'd put all the white squares together. They looked a bit bland so I brightened it up with a contrasting orange. All right?


Monday 15 July 2013

A sweet read?

My 6th in the series was another 'engaging saga' set at the beginning of the 20th century with references to rock factories, boarding houses, the Golden Mile and the piers. This book also had drunken violence, abuse and unfaithfulness. We're getting away from People's Friend territory with this one!


Sunday 14 July 2013

Round and round the garden ...

... off I go once more
One step, two step
Delights by my back door.

The clematis has started flowering and is climbing over the pergola.

Poppies self seed in the garden.

We're eating the beetroot now, working our way down the row. I eat the leaves of the small ones.

The runner beans have started to climb up the wigwam.

The grapes are getting bigger day by day but not quite ready yet.

Tomatoes and cucumbers share the greenhouse space.

Plugs of small annuals were given to us by a friend. They are flowering profusely.

We're eating the Swiss chard now - leaves and stems.

No courgettes ready yet.

The corn is not quite as high as an elephant's eye. More up to his knee I would say. The mange tout are going over but we're still eating them - just have to string them first.

The broccoli grows larger but no sign of middle bit yet.

Here's a view of carrots, red onions, spring onions, leeks, spinach, corn and mange tout.

Bay leaves are my pick of the day for the flower bowl on the table.


PS Joy, have you sent the Bloggy Blanket to Peg yet?

Tuesday 9 July 2013

BBC update

We have another volunteer to add squares to the Bloggy Blanket Chain. JuliaB from Peacock Blue had the blanket and then, I think it went to Joy of Daisy Row. Please correct me if I'm wrong. So Peg will you please contact Joy to give her your details so that she can post the blanket on to you. Thank you so much.

Please read the Bloggy Blanket Chain page if this message doesn't make sense to you and if you would like to volunteer please leave a comment and I'll start to make a list!


Monday 8 July 2013

Round and round the garden ...

... went little old me.
One step, two step
And another one makes three.

I just walked around the front garden and snapped away. There's plenty in flower at the moment and plenty more to come.

Here are the edible plants - blackcurrant,

leek and rhubarb (behind the ferns).

I weeded this lot today. Isn't it hot!


Welcome to my new follower. I hope you enjoy your visits here.