Monday 16 January 2017

Be good

I am having a bloggy break for a while. Be good and play nicely while I'm away. Hope to get back shortly.


Thursday 12 January 2017

New blanket planning

1. Go to stash and see what I've got.
2. Choose some DK rainbow colours, the largest balls I could find.
3. Decide to make a rainbow blanket.
4. Look up patterns and crib a few ideas.
5. Try out 100 stitches and find it is too long.
6. Worry about running out of wool and ending up with a strip rather than a blanket.
7. Realise I've made a mistake in the pattern and increased by one 'bobble' each row.
8. Pull it all back and try again.

9. Cast on 75 stitches and quite happy that the wool will last out but will make it stretch by adding some white in between.

10. I'm on my way. This blanket is one row double crochet UK, 1 row in colour bobble or popcorn stitch, 1 row in colour double crochet, 1 row in colour bobble. Repeat with next colour. I've done red and orange and now I'm on yellow. The bobble rows take longer than the DC rows but it is growing.

I don't know how big the blanket will be - it just depends on the yarn I've chosen. There's planning for you!


Wednesday 11 January 2017

Which genes do you have?

Worry - Many people have this gene, some more than others and they worry about every little thing.

Stay quiet - A proportion of the population have this gene but it hasn't yet been determined how many due to lack of information. No one can come up with an estimate as only the Very Loud people respond to questioning.

Obsession - This gene is found in most people and the obsession is seen to be wide ranging - from mild to very severe.

Do  - The Do gene is in everyone but not necessarily active in all cases. Those whose Do gene is activated achieve a level of great satisfaction or resentment. Satisfaction at a job well done or resentment because they are doing and others are letting them.

Contentment - Only found in people who smile regularly.



Monday 9 January 2017

Sorry I missed you

I think I have some new followers - sorry but I seem to have missed you when you first arrived - this new Blogger system doesn't seem to flag up new followers or comments anymore. I have only just noticed new faces in the side bar. I also don't know how to get to your blogs as I can only see the blogs that you follow. Perhaps I am missing something here and all this information is under my nose. I shall continue to hunt. Anyway - welcome and enjoy your visits.


Sunday 8 January 2017

Look after the pennies

As well as looking after the pennies I've been looking after the pounds by collecting the coins in a bottle. Now the government in their infinite wisdom have decided to change the shape of the coin by October of this year with the first 12 edged coins coming out in March. All the round coins will be phased out. I thought I'd better cash these in for notes rather than let them become redundant.

It's surprising how many coins can be collected in one bottle.

Well that's Christmas sorted. Now which coin shall I collect next?


Wednesday 4 January 2017


As well as making cards the other day I finished off some tags for presents - not that we send many presents. These should last for a good few years. They're made (like the cards) from scraps of card, re-cycled tags and bits from my bit box. Most are Christmas tags but there are some birthday ones in there too. They're resting on my woolly rug

I'd still got plenty of the wool left so I've started a new blanket. Why?

Just because - I'm sure it will come in handy some time. Got to work my way through 'The Stash'!


Monday 2 January 2017

Making a mess

After sorting out the Christmas cards I decided to make a few cards for the rest of the year and got quite carried away. I only use scrap, cut-outs from other cards and card I have stashed away. No design was in my mind as I just make things up as I go along and use whatever I've collected.

The ones above are Thank You cards and the ones below are Birthday cards. The pics are rather blurry as my new to me phone camera does not want to talk to my computer yet so I'm using my Kindle Fire camera.

I made a few Christmas cards while I was at it.

These orangey cards have a card base of cardboard pillow case packing.

I left the backs as they were.

My Get Well card is a re-make of a card given to me.

This set of birthday cards have pictures taken from a notelets box. It had pretty pictures on so I just cut round them and stuck them on different card bases.

This Thank You card I made originally about 10 years ago with a detachable inner and it's moved to recipients and back to me quite a few times with just the inner replaced each time.

The felt cut out trees were made when I was working in a school and were left-over shapes that weren't used in the classroom. They've been languishing in a box and used over the years to decorate home-made cards.

I often use cut-outs from other cards and re-use them for my homemade ones.

My craft room looked like a bomb had hit it after I'd finished this lot but it is now tidy. My cards are packed away ready for different occasions.

I'll post pictures of my Gift Tags another time.


PS Did you spot the cat photo bombing one of the pics?