Saturday, 23 June 2012

Zig zag blanket extra

To see the history of this blanket please click on the granny zig zag label. The blanket is about 5' x 3' and I've used stash wool mostly from car boots or charity shops. The wools are all different - acrylic, mohair, wool so washing it should be fun.

The pattern is in one of my other posts and was very easy once I'd counted the first chain and done the first row. It was easy stress busting, mind numbing work.

I like the stripes of little white flowers between the colours.

The edge is a single crochet followed by half doubles (US terms).

It's not staying on the couch or chair. At the moment it's just a spare lap blanket. As usual while crocheting ideas come into my head as to what to do next - (there's already 3 WIPs). Angela has just crocheted a granny blanket and is using it for a lap blanket and also as a cushion so that gave me the idea of granny cushion covers to contain the lap blankets.

I may use my granny rose squares, (click on the granny rose label for more information), or I may decide on something else. Who knows? Such excitement!!!

Hello to Michele who has become a follower. I hope you enjoy your visits here. I loved reading about  your Homesteading Cottage.


  1. It's fabulous. I wish I could find yarn in my local charity shops, I never seem to come across any. I'm just sewing in the ends on my granny square blanket now and then I'll be on to the border, I'm not as quick a crocheter as you.

  2. Thank you for the mention! I am such a novice at crochet - and I hadn't thought of crocheting a COVER for the cushion- I was just folding my blanket into a pad [perhaps there's a way of doing it like the American soldiers fold up the flags from coffins to make a neat parcel. But square, not triangular!]

    I love the idea of doing a Granny Zigzag, Maybe that should be my next challenge [after I have sewn all the play costumes]

    weekend blessings x

  3. Your sofa and chair are so beautiful, are they modern or vintage? Such elegance.

    1. It is a 30s suite but we had it recovered in white leather with black piping. We bought it at auction for £80.

    2. Lucky chaps, it is fabulous.

  4. The colours of the blanket really 'pop' against the cream of the couch. Looks good!!

    Crochet is one of those crafts that I just don't seem to be able to master - something to do with holding the yarn in the opposite hand to knitting. I have the books ready again plus hook and yarn to take away and have another go over the next couple of months.

    Take care

  5. Oh my gosh, so beautiful!!! What a happy fun blanket!!!! Congrats on a wonderful finish!!!!!!


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