Sunday, 10 June 2012

The time is right and I'm gardening on

The weather is glorious and the time feels right to string up the wigwam and plant the runner beans.

The tomatoes have been strung aswell.

The grape-vine needs a trim but I think I'll do that another day.

The pussies are helping.

The plot has been weeded and I think it's time for a sit now.

I feel another square coming on!

Looks like the Bloggy Blanket is lost in the Blogosphere. Mrs. Tightwad, do you know where it is? And Fostermummy how are you getting on with the lap blanket?

Later - 

I just had to!


  1. Love the pic of the pussies! I cant believe you have grapes on your vine too- fantastic.Are they sweet enough to eat or do you make wine with them?

    1. Anne, I plan to eat every single bunch. They are a dessert grape. Muscat of Alexandria I think.

  2. Your pussies are lovely. My beans are two feet up the canes now, but the tomato plants are a bit slow in growing.

  3. I never tire of seeing photos of your cats. The rain is about to start again here, it's gone very dark.

  4. Sorry to hear about the blanket.

    Loved seeing what you are growing.

    Sft x

  5. Your garden does look good and love the photo of your "helpers".

  6. I`m glad that you had a lovely day with blue skies. Today we have had unending drizzle and we were planting our runner beans out in the rain........


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