Friday, 15 June 2012

Wall flowers?

I see all sorts of plants growing on the garden walls as I walk along the streets - wild flowers of the town or garden plants growing in the most unusual places. I also notice weeds that don't look quite as pretty, litter and dog dirt but let's not go into that! :)


St. John's Wort

Willow herb and Toadflax

Ivy leaved Toadflax

I know that there are a variety of ferns in the third picture but does anyone know the names of the other flowers? I'll have to find my wild flower book and look them up. Ain't Nature wonderful!


  1. It's amazing where flowers will grow, they often don't even need any soil to do so.

  2. how gorgoeus - i have some right ugly concrete fencing on my garden - i wish these plants would come to visit and then stay :)

  3. Nature trying to reclaim and beautify what we humans have spoiled. Fabulous!
    Jane x

  4. Picture one looks like a campanula. I have it growing in the side of my driveway and spilling over onto next door's drive which is about 3 feet lower than mine. I have some of picture 2 in the back garden but don't know what it is as it was here when we moved in last year!

  5. The bottom one, blue flower is toad flax, I think. Then the one above thats two different ones, could one be rose bay willow herb? In amongst the toad flax.The one above that no idea, seen it and we have tried to identify it too. I think the blue starry flower at the top is a garden flower. Not much help am I!!

  6. Isnt nature wonderful? If you tried to plant in a wall you can bet your life it wouldnt take, but yet those plants have somehow planted themselves and are thriving.

  7. Love the pictures. I have a feeling that the second picture is St Johns Wart. It looks just like the plants growing in my local church called St Johns.

  8. Nature is indeed wonderful, I marvel at it every day.


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