Monday, 25 June 2012

Up and over

The plant on the kitchen window sill just keeps growing and growing. It is a Philodendron scandens.

I didn't realise how far. Up over the top shelf ...

... around the corner and across the other shelf.

All the way along snaking its way to the other end of the shelf.

Here's a tour of the shelves. You can see the plant in most of the pictures.

On the top shelf is a flask, asparagus pan, vintage lemon squeezer and vase containing teasels.

The middle shelf holds a teapot, cafetiere, veg slicer, large teapot and spare kettle.

The lower shelf is home to the tea, coffee, sugar, teapot and rice.

Moving on to the high shelf there is a Habitat fondue set - a wedding present from the 70s, a vintage coffee pot, a vintage tea set ...

Here it is in close up with a hot water pot, milk and sugar and tea pot.

Next is an old bowl and my collection of milk jugs.

The old bowl came from a car boot sale.

Hmm, these shelves are slightly dusty but I've got a good excuse not to clean them, haven't I?

I can't disturb an established plant, now can I?


  1. Wow that plant is amazing - where can you get them from?

    I would love one for my conservatory!

    Kate xxx

  2. I think it's making a bid for freedom. It must certainly enjoy it's living conditions.

  3. I love those open shelves. I have six shelves in the boot of my car that were bought for my kitchen last September! I will do it one day.

  4. Sorry ...I missed the plant I was so taken with the lovely things on the shelves!
    Jane x

  5. I had one like that in the late 70s, I wound it round and round the pot that it was in. Your have some bautiful items.

  6. Looks like your plant is embracing all your lovely pots and pans ;-) I love the little silver tea jugs and bowls with the cream handles. Enjoy your week, dee xx

  7. No way do you disturb that plant! Wish I had as good an excuse.

  8. This plant is very common there in Brazil and really goes everywhere! The pretties on your shelves are wonderful!

  9. I love the way it winds everywhere, love your kitchen shelves too.

  10. You have everything very well ordered mum! And I didnt notice any dust!


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