Thursday, 21 June 2012


I only took one straight forward pic as the light is not very good today and it's difficult to see the size. I'll have to list details and post some more pics when the sun comes out but I just wanted to show it off immediately.

Look, look, look I've finished another blanket! It was meant as a car blanket for DD but she fancies a blanket made from the other squares I'm making. There's a place for it somewhere.
I'm off to do a bit of blanket stroking!


  1. Very lovely! I love the floor it's lying on too, I have a major weakness for parquet. Looking forward to seeing a few close ups of this, Mum.
    It feels great to finish a blanket doesn't it?!

  2. I love that pattern, its very clever.

  3. aahh its gorgeous Mum, i love the zig zig pattern and the colours. mybe a nice back of a chair might be a good home ;-)) dee xx


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