Saturday, 30 June 2012

Just made it!

And only just. Crochet last night and this morning. Meet Joseph.

He joins Mary and Jesus in my monthly Nativity make. Click on the label Nativity to see more.

Sh!!!! He's sleeping - don't wake him up.

He made it a little early this year.


  1. wow mum - i love these! are you going to add any more?

    Kate x

    1. Click on the Nativity label and you can see sll of them. There are 3 kings, 2 shepherds, an angel, Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. I've added a sheep and a donkey to one of the sets. 9 figures altogether so I should finish this set by September doing one figure a month.

  2. Hi Mum, you are getting well ahead arent you, nativity! Still if you are going the whole hog I suppose you need to!

  3. You made it in the nick of time. What would poor Mary have done without Joseph by her side?

  4. Oh so sweet, I need to get started on mine or they will never be done in time for Christmas


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