Saturday, 16 June 2012

Sewing (crocheting) in threads - revised

I had another idea. This way of weaving in threads keeps the edges of the square intact. See the first idea here.

Finish off in the normal way by slip stitching into the third chain and drawing the thread through the  loops on the hook. Yarn over, cut off the wool then draw the end through the loop.

Turn the square to the wrong side and weave the end in the back of the Vs (ie the side nearest you). Weave through about five stitches.

By just weaving in the back stitches the edge of the square looks unaltered.

When I start a new colour I also try to get rid of the loose end. Pull a loop through where you want to start. No need to knot.

Work your first three chain but crochet in the loose end aswell.

Another six squares done. I'm aiming for 360! Still a few a lot to go.

PS Thank you for your help in identifying the flowers. I'm going to hunt for my flower book this afternoon.



  1. Anything to save sewing in all those ends is fine by me! Squares are looking good. You're running a marathon not a sprint with this one by the sounds of it!

  2. 360? Blimey, it's taken me a year to do 140!

  3. Sounds simple enough, mum, I will have to try and do that as I go along.I have lots of things on the go at the mo though, no crochet at present, but I want to do another girlie colour granny squares blanket in the autumn.Yours has kept the shape really well.


Thank you for your comments. it's always exciting reading them.