Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Summer Time

It's cracking the flags here after raining yesterday evening, so what better than new summer clothes. Sorry only one item is brand new, brought back from holiday, the other 2 are new to me and came from the CS.

£3 for the shoes and £3 for the skirt so both items were less than the cost of the hat!

But I did like the hat - can't have too many straw hats in Summer Time.

And the living is easy.


  1. I have to wear a sun hat otherwise my head burns. I see Puss is getting in on the act again, he's such a poser.

  2. Yes, I agree...no such thing as too many summer hats!
    Lovely new outifit, and obviously kitty approves.
    Jane x

  3. Bargaintastic! Lovely colours in the skirt, very fresh. Just listening to the song. Fantastic! Reminds me of my dad. Enjoy the sun, it's clouded over here.

  4. Lovely bargains!! The skirt is really pretty. xx

  5. what a gorgeous song!!!!! i love it!


  6. What a lovely set of purchases, even puss agrees! It hasn't been raining here either but warm it ain't! My washing went on the line at 7am and it's till damp! x

  7. I love the colours in your skirt. Hope you get plenty of chances to wear summer things after the next batch of rain clouds has blown away!

  8. Great buys and thank you for the lovely Ella and Louis!!


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