Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Brighten up a dull day

I saw a bright shade of red in the garden. Brilliant a ripe strawberry. Oops - nibbled at.

Oh dear - eaten. Still there's one behind that isn't. I shall look forward to eating that one.

I thought I'd attack some plants myself and did a bit of beheading - just to brighten up a dull day.

The sun is starting to peep through now.


  1. I have the same problem with our strawberries, something always gets them first :(

  2. Why why why why why did I not plant strawberries this year!

  3. Is there anyhthing quite as delicious as fruit straight from the bush? Except peas and tomatoes that is!
    Jane x

  4. Do you just float them in a glass bowl? They look lovely. Really cheering. I dont normally pick Oriental Poppies, but as they are being bashed by the rain I got one that wasnt too bad, they do cheer you and we need it. Where is the bloody sun.

    1. Jill, it's just the heads floating in water in a shallow bowl. You can put stones in or floating candles or leaves or twigs. They stay OK for about 2 days but it's nice to change the arrangement each day as you survey the garden.

  5. I notced a couple of cheeky pigeons pecking at my first strawberry - so I have now brought the pot inside so it doesn't get attacked.

    It's so annoying when all that hard growing work gets eaten by something that isn't us!!!

    kate xxx

  6. Your bowl of flower heads is so pretty. Just right for a grey day ( no sunshine here anyway). Most of our strawberries have been shared with the birds this year. Hopefully they might leave us a few raspberries....

  7. Our strawberries arent ripe yet, they seem to have a way to go.I have netted our blueberries though, dont want the birdies getting them.Bet you were really looking forward to a strawberry or two werent you?


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