Sunday, 1 July 2012

Flower Power

It was a flowery sort of day ...

so I picked 'one of each' from the front garden.

I rather think that it's going to be a flowery sort of day for one lucky lady.

Pretty, pretty, pretty.


  1. What a lovely flower arrangement. That looks like Cinderella's coach.

  2. Thou has inspired me, I have gone round and picked stuff and shoved it in a jug, still thinking about the glass bowl, mainly cos I cant remember where it is.

  3. Ah it just looks as if Cinderella is going to be whisked off to the ball!

  4. Just catching up with your recent posts.

    What a pretty idea, picking single flowers. I picked some Sweet Williams from the garden today (inspired by Jo, fellow blogger) and they look so pretty.

    I love your recent walk. Lovely.

    Your plant makes me laugh. I kill anything grown inside.

    Sft x

  5. I think you have the right idea with the flowers. I was cross all weekend because I bought some stocks last Thursday, right price not even reduced, and I will name and shame... THE CO-OP, and yesterday they were in the bin. Dead. As. A. Doornail. Not a happy bunny at all and was sorely tempted to take them back.
    I love that little arrangement, the colours are so pretty.

  6. What lovely flowers and I love ferns in an arrangement too!


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