Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Guided tour part 2

Guided Tour part 1 is here.

Here is another section of the shelving containing mostly books from when the children were small - Thomas the Tank Engine, Mr. Men plus (I've been digging around the back!) other treasures.

Who hasn't saved their children's work. Can you throw it out?

Certainly not this lot.

Here are some columns from our wedding cake in 1974. They look a bit moth eaten now.

I think you've seen the Peter Pan book before. My dad had the 'Games Worth Playing' book.

It looks like they're playing a game in Peter's household  - Oh 'The gaity of those romps'!

Here are more inherited or given to me books. They may come in handy sometime!

This one's a goodie.

And finally one of those bedtime stories that was read over and over again.

I can't throw this one out either.

So much for de-cluttering!

Welcome to my new followers. You'll probably have noticed that I have a serious 'can't let go' problem.


  1. Awww, the daddy picture is just so lovely. Things like that should never be thrown away.

  2. I hang on to the oldies but goodies as well!!

  3. I have now got all the 'old' childrens books on a bottom shelf. To my great delight my eldest Grandson, aged 3, made a bee line this last visit. So, no Mum, never throw anything away, particularly books.

  4. I have lots of my kids hand crafted things that I would never get rid of.Unfortunately now I am doing the same thing with things made by my grandchildren.It takes me ages to sort out anything because I find things to read and then nothing gets done!

  5. I too have saved all these things now safely stored in those plastic containers in my own little shed,I did de clutter the's just all in a different place lol..

  6. The emotions that these books and artwork bring when you look through them makes them worth their weight in gold. There's nothing wrong with keeping them and they certainly aren't clutter! xx

  7. You are one after my own heart. I have shelves of children`s books and they stay there to be enjoyed by small visitors (and by me). I carried on collecting them when I was teaching and was fascinated by the way that children`s literature has developed over the years.

  8. Hello Mum
    Lovely post this We have several 'old' books here as well - I came across a copy of Wind in the Willows the other day, tucked in with some modern paperbacks. One grandchild had been reading it and just popped in there. Result was I spent about an hour refreshing my memeory on Ratty, Toad, Badger and Mole and any other sundry characters who pass their time in the Wild Wood
    Take care

    Cathy @ Still Waters

  9. I try to get rid of what I don't want but there such a lot of stuff I DO want to keep and why should I not? Why has everyone got to be decluttered and bland. I think that's very boring.

    My son would absolutely throw away everything I have should I pop my clogs but meanwhile, I enjoy many of the things I have but am endeavouring to clear out stuff I don't really want. (not need)

  10. We have the same problem. I've been a bit more ruthless lately. Though it didn't help that my mum brought a couple of boxes of stuff from my childhood she had hoarded away. I can't throw it out either.


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