Sunday, 18 March 2012

It's a Sunny Day

It's surprising how much can be done when the sun is shining. More fences were painted, a cake was made for the Virtual Spring Fair. Bread was baked and 2 curries made.

The roof has to be replaced on the sunroom so it had to be emptied and swept.

Some of the orchids have gone into the back room for now.

These two have stayed in the sun room.

Even the cat is sunning itself!


  1. The orchids are beautiful.
    Leave it to a cat to find the best place to catch the sunrays.

  2. Your cat looks so contented!

    Fantastic photo.

    Sft x

  3. OH my gosh the photo of your cat is to cute!! Let the sun shine it and face it with a grin, lots of sunshine in our area this weekend as well

  4. We had a sunny weekend too, it turned out much nicer than what was forecast. You cat is just too cute.

  5. Mum, do you keep your orchids in the sun room? I was told light but not direct sun. I would love to have them in our other rooms, other than the kitchen, but they all receive lots of sun.
    I do envy you your beautiful cats.
    I love my three, but none are as beautiful.

    1. We have some orchids in the sun room which gets sun in the afternoon and early evening and some in the back room which don't have so much direct light. The majority in the sun room are cymbidiums but we also have some paphiopedilums. I'll have to do a post on them sometime but it's DH who looks after them, not me. He likes to rescue 'dead' ones from B and Q and bring them back to life.

  6. I love to see a sun worshipping cat and your boy is just gorgeous. He looks so regal. M x

  7. aahhh what a lovely photo of your cat bless him i would be doing the same if was him ;-) Sounds like you have a very busy but productive day. Your orchids are beautiful. Enjoy in your week, dee x


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