Monday, 6 February 2012

Guided tour ...

... around the shelves. Here's the top of the shelves. In the black files are bits of card, paper and envelopes for card making or other craft work. In the corner is a Christmas bouquet and the odd wreath or two. Cones of wool stand at attention in front.

Perhaps I should give a tour around each of the sections in the Expedit Ikea bookcase. This one is reasonably tidy. Another little bit of Christmas stays out in the form of an angel and some more Christmas flowers. I've got my headdress ready for May time. Can you see Captain Scarlett in the background (DS's) and the wooden pussy cat in front (DD's)?

Behind the angel is this little chappie. Press his bottom and he falls head over heels for you!

Little piggy was a hand made present and I can't seem to throw rattles away. What's in the red box?

It's a dolly bobbin - a favourite of DH and DS. They're a bit too old for it now though. We may finish it sometime.

Little dog was also a present. Ooh there's all sorts in here. The slinky is great fun but it has to be stored somewhere.

Look now, these shelves may never look this tidy again. See what you can spot here.

This cigar box is from the junk shop and contains ...

... embroidery skeins.

And this box from the Charity Shop contains envelopes made from 'real tobacco leaves'.

Little bird rattles down his stick.

I seem to have spent half my life collecting and the other half is trying to get rid of all the stuff. Hmmm!


  1. So much fun stuff. I love those toys where you push the bottom in and their knees bend.

  2. Mum

    I haven't seen one of those little toys where you press underneath and it falls over in years - Do you remember the little tin monkeys that when you pressed the sides of the base the monkey would do a flip over? Have a good day xxx

  3. Thanks for the tour mum.I love to see how everyone stores things.i need to get myself organised and get my crafting stuff together in one place.the trouble is I have so many ongoing things to do and if I put them away I forget about them.

  4. I remember having one of those birds that pecked all their way down the stick. I laughed just thinking about it!!

  5. What treasures and beautiful collections Mum!

    Sft x

  6. Hi Mum, What colourful stuff you have!

    Sime keeps saying he wants a cigar box to make a guitar.
    Though this week he's talking about making one using a garden spade...

    Kay :)

  7. How do you keep it all so tidy ?
    my craft corners are a mess ! I won't be posting any pics !

    1. Those are the only 2 bits that are tidy. When I pluck up the courage I'll show you the untidy parts.


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