Thursday, 22 March 2012

Another one

I started with 3 clusters then went up the side of the first cluster and just carried on going round and round. I wanted just to do clusters, no corners as such just grannying along without having to stop and join or sort out a corner. I aim to use up all those 'tiddly bits' of wool so when I've finished the red I'll choose another colour and keep on grannying along. 

In order to keep it flat, which it is doing so far, I just pretend I'm in a corner and do 2 clusters joined with 2 chain to get me nearer to the next cluster. There's no maths involved here. If it won't granny straight away, call it a corner then carry on. That's the theory anyway.

I wonder what shape it will be when I've finished it? Will I finish it? Will this be another blanket! Is this free form crochet? Stay tuned.


  1. You're so productive. I'm still plodding along with the granny square blanket which I started last year. I'm not looking forward to joining all the squares together.

  2. Sounds good to me,you are a clever Mum,I love the colour too,will watch with great interest.

  3. Ah, but I've not finished the blue/green blanket yet!

  4. I have a scrapbook on word perfect of all the gorgeous crochet creations I see on the blogs. I wanted to put your photo of your blog header on my scrapbook because the kitties in there are too adorable and I couldn't manage to copy the image. siigh, that's unfortunate.
    I like the idea of you not knowing what the end work of art is going to look like, it's great to surprise yourself.
    I've just crocheted a little yellow cell phone pouch with pink daisies on for my little $15 Tracfone SVC for seniors. I like the phone's large keys and letters on the screen because I don't have to strain my eyes to read & it's only $7/month for service.
    Just done 6 granny squares in the last 11 days, I'm happy that I don't waste my spare time looking out over the ocean on my balcony, I've at least got something to show for my time.

  5. Can't wait to see it larger and see the shape it takes that is one of the fun things about crochet anything goes and i love it, dee x


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