Sunday, 11 March 2012

Look up

... and admire the architecture.

Classic art-deco but sadly neglected

Cleaned up and sparkling. Proud to be there.

Interesting elevations but neglected

Classic design but neglected

Lovely design but neglected

Been revamped once but still looking reasonable

Much work being put into this renovation

Art-deco again but neglected.

Art-deco and standing out because it is being looked after.

Inside done but outside neglected.

Oh dear - how sad!

Wouldn't it be brilliant if people and corporations could look after and respect their buildings? Beautiful building owners please note.


  1. What beautiful buildings, and our heritage.
    Do you not have a Heritage Society or some such there. Its criminal isnt it.

  2. It is so sad to see so many of our "old" town centre buildings being neglected. But what a difference it makes when they are renovated.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Sosmetimes in the semi-short term neglect can be good -- but it is sad to see! If these were in upscale locations, they'd probably have been torn down or updated. Sometimes poverty is preservations friend... unless the total neglect causes the structures to crumble. But I love looking at buildings like this too!

  4. Good photos and I agree that it is sad that so many lovely designs just fade to nothing due to neglect.


  5. Great pictures and I do try to look up, but I spend most of my time looking down trying not to fall over my feet!

  6. Hi mum, there are lovely places like that here in the Wakefield area but some just get left to go to rack and ruin.A lot of new building work is going on here but I suppose it must be cheaper to build new than renovate old buildings really well.

  7. When my daughter was a student in Manchester and I went to visit I used to come home with a sore neck as I spent most of my time looking up at the magnificent architecture.She lived very near to Victoria Baths, which won money to help fund its renovation on a BBC programme. We went to look around when a couple of phases had been completed - it was very special.

  8. I know, some of the lovely buildings in our town centre were "vandalised" in the 70's when shops defaced the frontages. Now many of them are closed and they look very sad and forlorn.

  9. We live in a throw away society...sadly these beautiful buildings are witness to that.
    Jane x

  10. Beautiful buildings. Perhaps you could share where these photos are taken?

    Almost every town/city in the world has buildings like the above - beautiful architecture - long forgotten and neglected.

    My husband is a town planner and it is not in their job descriptions to look after old buildings. They will ensure that they can not be demolished if they are heritage listed but that is about the only power that they have.

    1. Chars, my apologies to your husband. It's such a shame that the owners of these buildings don't care about looking after them.

    2. NO Apology needed its a common misconception.

      The onus is on the landowner to maintain the property, the only power that council has is to enforce *heritage orders* or to impose a demolition order if the property becomes a hazard to the community or residents.

      Hope you are having a wonderful day :) The first photo actually reminds me of the building we got married in - in Brisbane QLD Australia :) Its sadly been demolished now.

  11. Lovely buildings, didn't realised there were so many art deco in Blackpool, it is a shame that they fall by the wayside, even with funding it sometimes dosn't work out for them. Julie xxx

  12. I agree with you there. Sometimes we even forget to look up and notice these wonderful buildings that all our towns have we are so busy rushing around. English architecture is something to be admired. dee x


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