Monday, 26 March 2012

Keep going

Another day, another fence panel.

Only another 98 to go!

(Only joking!)

Welcome new follower, again. I can't seem to get to your blog through your Google thingy.


  1. At least seems that the weather will hold being great for fence painting. But I really hope you don't have 98 to finish!

  2. That's a job I hate doing, still, you've got the weather for it.

  3. It's a bit like painting the Forth Bridge!
    Jane x

  4. That's one of the few things I loved about Beyond the Nook when I moved here - we have no fence panels as we're surrounded by hedges and trees! I do have some trellises to paint though :(

  5. A real pain to do, I dont envy you that job.I suppose we should be thinking about doing ours really, but they were treated two years ago when they were put up and I like how the wood has faded to a sort of blonde colour!I am busy putting trellis up and around it all and hope to cover it with shrubs and climbers so you cant see it.Good luck with the rest though Mum!

  6. It is looking good,have a lovely day.


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