Saturday 21 February 2015


I'm on a roll. Tights sorted, socks sorted, wool sorted (at least stored in one place) and ...

I very, very rarely wear tights so I don't know why I keep so many.

… knickers and bras folded and sorted! Here's a great video for folding knicks so you can fit them into a small space.

Sorry, I'm not showing a pic of my knicker drawer!



  1. I've done the sewing room, bed room and office and I've got the dining room, kitchen and utility room to go.

  2. I agree no one wants to see my underwear either, that is why I did the t-shirt drawer!!!

  3. I'm good at organizing, I'm just not good at staying organized.

  4. Like you, I have tights tho rarely wear them just have for 'just in case'.
    I fully intended to organised* in january and then someone came along and stole it. All my januarys get stolen by someone (different someones, sometimes). My christmas resolution is not to say to myself "after christmas and in january I will do this, or this or finish that".
    * I have 30 years of stuff to sort, including a 'given up' hobby (long story) and photos/inherited stuff etc. the loft/eaves storage scares me, truly. My hubs is just 'invented' de-cluttering, i kid you not. He also added to the clutter because he is a hoarder and one of his hobbies/obssessions a couple of years ago was going to auctions...just look at my face and see the pain!
    Small bites, that's all it takes I'm told.


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