Thursday 5 February 2015


Most of the answers to the questions can be found by typing in the search or by clicking on a label. No pressure to answer the questions as I shall post the answers tomorrow. Well done if you can answer all the questions correctly without having to look anything up. I won't publish any comment (if there are any) until I've posted the answers.

1. My home is in which famous seaside town?

2. How many cats do I have?

3. What do I call my days out?

4. What adjective do I use to describe my back garden?

5. Name one of my hobbies.

6. How do I describe the majority of my Christmas cards?

7. Name my favourite home grown vegetable.

8. Name one of my crocheted blankets.

9. What is my volunteer job?

10. What was the original aim of this blog and am I still achieving it?



  1. okay I have decided I do not know you at all...LOL....still enjoy your blog though.

  2. Name of garden and volunteer job stumped me. Think I got the rest right. I havent looked any up.


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