Saturday, 14 February 2015

Quick soup

end of celery
end of cabbage
1/2 tin of tomatoes
small piece of garlic
small chilli
1/2 stock cube
slosh of soy sauce
slosh of Worcester sauce
slosh of Tomato ketchup
slosh of water

fry, slosh, boil, simmer, whizz and eat

I've had one bowlful and there's another bowlful left which I will put with the last of the leeks from the garden for the next batch of soup. If I keep adding to the pan I could make a different variety soup each day. 

Now what else is left at the bottom of the fridge?



  1. My next soup is going to include a smidgeon of chorizo curry (not something I'll make again) plus a pot of imam bayaldi left overs plus half a carton of coconut cream and an oldish butternut squash. Who knows what it will taste like...!?!

  2. There is nothing like a fridge bottom meal for a surprise.

  3. Ha ha, I do the same. I break up spaghetti to make a kin of minestrone too. I have some packed beetroot that's been in my fridge for ages, still in date, any ideas anyone?

    1. What about borscht?

  4. Love meals like this, my mum was a wizard at making meals out of nothing, sign of her time's when in the war they had nothing but what they grew.

  5. Soup is the best thing in the world for using up leftovers.


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