Monday 2 February 2015

I want to be known

I tried to comment on someone's blog and a Google plus box came up and asked me how I wanted to be known across all Google products. It even gave me my date of birth. Here, I want to be known as 'Mum'. Elsewhere I'm known as another name and at home another one. I wish to have different identities in the different circles I belong to, not just one. Here is my home and crafts' blog. Elsewhere I have other hobbies and activities. This blog is known to only a select few of people I know and certainly not all of them. So I'm sorry I'm not commenting if you have the G+ box in your comments section. I do read your blog and would love to comment as 'Mum' but I don't want to be known as 'Mum' all the time.



  1. Ok Mum. Hope I havent got the offensive nosy parker thing on mine. x

  2. I know, they try to box you into everything, dont they?

  3. Mum

    You have the choice on mine - Google, Bloglovin or Blogger. I got peed off with Google as I asked to be Pattypan which I have been known by ever since I started blogging and they used my proper name!

    Take care



  4. I agree too! I have no idea if that Google thingy is on my blog. Because if it is, I didn't put it there!! I might have to get all techy and have a look behind the scenes at the weekend!

  5. Hope you can still leave comments on mine too
    Julie xxxxxx


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