Monday 9 February 2015

Opposite the Kitchen Window

Fooled you! This is the Kitchen Window. It's a good idea to put water in the vase before the flowers are plonked in. That way they have a chance of survival. These tulips survived 2 days without water - silly me. I did wonder why they drooped such a lot. Now only one remains sad and the others have picked up a treat. The were so glad that the floods came at last.

The side plant has not looked back since it was repotted. In fact it's looking up and up and clinging to the ceiling now.

Aha! Here is 'Opposite the Kitchen Window' looking fairly clear. Items to spot are the:-

* Breakfast tray ready for the morn.

* The healthy looking fruit bowl cake stand and the last of the ahem choccy woccies. I  know now who ate them. I also know now who is going to eat the last two.

* The white globey jar was bought from B&M just because I liked the design. I haven't the faintest idea what I am going to put in it.

* The red plastic sweetie 'tin' which holds the last of the Christmas cake. Who ate all that cake, I wonder?

* The egg carton tray ready to be returned to the greengrocer.

Obligatory Blogger questions coming up!

Now what have you got on your work surfaces? Are they clear or crowded? Do you ever forget to put water in a vase of flowers or is it only me?

And …

Why do we have a breakfast tray?



  1. I may, once or twice, have forgotten to water various houseplants with similar results. We have a tray for the morning, it's laden with teapot, milk jug and two mugs, ready for GM to make the early morning tea to carry upstairs for me (I mean us) to drink in bed before rising.
    Work surfaces, well maybe I'll show and tell next time I have the camera in the kitchen.
    Joy x x

  2. I love your kitchen x

  3. I try to keep the kitchen counter tops as clutter free as possible. Love the shelving in your kitchen.

    Is that a KitchenAid mixer? Mine is cream in colour.

  4. Lovely pictures. My work surface is clear when I clean it and it looks lovely. There is always bread and fruit on there. Also a microwave and various utensils. Today there are also bits and pieces ready for tonight's tea. Glad your flowers perked up!

  5. Are you sure you have not put water in your tulips and they have drunk it , This has happened to my tulips i bought this week from lidl this week x

  6. I love having a good snoop round other peoples houses, it gives me a bit of umph to get up and clean lol. I love Tulips x


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