Wednesday, 15 May 2013


It's Christmas here today with a present coming my way from Pam over at A Good Life in Tydd who hosted a giveaway a while ago. Thank you, Pam for the book, which I shall enjoy reading.

Pam lives in a small village in a 300 year old cottage, with a large garden that gives her food, flowers and inspiration for her sewing which is superb. If you like quilting do pop over there to say hello.



  1. What a treat!

  2. Hello Mum

    Definitely like quilting and admire the fabulous quilts I keep seeing out there in blogland. However still haven't found the time to even start my lesson 1 on how to quilt. Hurry up summer when I should get some time off.
    Love the thought of living in a 300 year old cottage so I'm off over now to Pam's blog to have a browse around.

    keep well


  3. Your luck's in, it looks like a lovely book.


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