Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Bank Holiday News

Here is the latest broadcast.

I'm planting up seeds that have been in the drawer for some time. These are Little Marvel peas which will hopefully climb up my chicken wire cylinders.

These cut and come again lettuce are growing nicely now. They were a 'living lettuce' purchase from Lidl-iddle. I just separated the little plants and planted them out in a container. The larger leaves died off and newer leaves are growing. 

The dressing gowns were a bit worse for wear so I cut them up for rags.

DD and DH played fly catching today ...




  1. There's been lots of gardening going on here over the bank holiday too. I sowed some peas in to modules earlier on in the year, but they never came to much, I think it was too cold for them, so I'll be doing the same as you and sowing direct.

  2. I don't grow vegetables because of the slugs that crawl all over them. Ugh. Good luck with your crop!

  3. Weather great but way too windy for gardening.

  4. I have heard of other people planting the cut and come again lettuce individually and growing them on. I would never have tried it myself. I sowed some lettuce seeds which are doing nicely, as too are my carrots, beetroot, mange tout and potatoes.I am just praying for a nice summer, my veg last year were a washout.

  5. What a fab idea with the cut and come again lettuce I Will be giving this a go not really a gardener and know very little about gardening so will be a good starting point for me.

  6. Hiya, late again!! I have just read this and cannot believe it, I have today bought some seeds for cut and come again salad leaves. I would never have thought to buy the 'living' stuff and plant them out. Doh!! I hope they do well for you.


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