Thursday, 2 May 2013

Link me up

Op Shop Mama loves collections and has been asking bloggers to post about their own collections and to link up to her blog via a 'Linky' so here's my 'two penn'orth'.

Baskets! I think I've more than my fair share of these and I use all of them, mainly for storage. Here's one which holds my wool for my lapghan.

These ones hold card making and sewing supplies, tapestry kits and books.

The picnic hamper holds 'crochet experiments' and the shopper holds my wool for my granny bedspread (and a DD throwout that makes a noise when you wave him around!).

This shopper (a different one, which needs dusting) holds photographs that need sorting into albums.

DS and me (aged 9)
 Here's another shopper (what more?) holding fabric pieces. Must quilt more, must quilt more.

The hen basket holds 'things that might come in useful for a Christmas or birthday present'. OPM - you'd like those ducks - all yellow and plastic!

A change of shape here but still a basket, holding more fabric scraps.

 Oh dear - these are on top of the shelves. I can't see what I've put in them - I'm sure whatever it is will come in handy sometime.

 Still more.

 And more!

 And here's a basket within a basket holding sewing supplies.

And last but probably not least the one's I've 'hidden' in the sun room.

Hope you enjoyed viewing my collection. If you want to see more (not baskets) click on the Collections label.


  1. I love baskets too! I have five.....
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. I've just counted up all the rabbits in my house and there were erm... lots! Only two real ones though.

  3. Holy Moly...that's a lot of baskets!
    Jane x

  4. Such pretty baskets. I'm sorely lacking in the basket department.

  5. I love love love baskets! I only have one and it was a present from my other half - I love it! It's currently in my kitchen holding all my veggies :D


  6. Pure heaven! lots of baskets - they have a certain charm don't they and are so handy xxx

  7. What a lot of baskets.

  8. Lovely baskets - one can never have too many. Did the top one come with a lid? I have one that looks the same but has the lid.

  9. I have never seen such a large collection of wicker baskets mum, I wonder how long it took you to collect them?

  10. Thanks for hooking up with me on the 30 Day Squat Challenge! I will link you in tonight.

  11. What a lot of baskets. I like baskets too. I still have my old school one and a few others.

  12. Yay a Basket Collection! Fabulous. I particularly like collections that are useful as well as good to look at!
    I also have a basket collection - I am drawn to kitsch plastic woven baskets!
    Thanks for linking - Fun!


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